Saturn-Gas Turbines JSC

Saturn-Gas Turbines JSC

Saturn-Gas Turbines JSC

Saturn - Gas Turbines, JSC is integrator and complex supplier of high – efficiency power equipment, for needs of Gasprom, JSC, power generating companies, public utilities, municipalities, oil and gas companies, industrial plants. Saturn – Gas Turbines, JSC is subsidiary company of NPO Saturn was founded for designing, manufacture, assembling, start-up, commissioning and after-sales service of gas turbine units, complex erection of power generating plants In 2009 Saturn – Gas Turbines, JSC was determined as General Contractor of United Engine Corporation for turnkey construction of gas turbine based power 2 generating plants.

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16 Tolbukhina Street, Rybinsk , Yaroslavl , 152914 Russia
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Power Distribution
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

In 2009 Saturn-Gas Turbines was determined as a general contractor of United Engine Corporation Management (UEC) on construction and after sale support of power generating and gas pumping facilities.


Based on best practices of effective conversion of natural resources into energy and using professionalism and talents of our employees we manufacture state-of-the-art reliable equipment for sustainable development and improvement of social opportunities and life quality.


  • Creation of competitive product meeting the requirements of up-to-date market
  • Provide sustained and long-lived business development relying on company employees talents and efforts and focusing on maximum satisfaction of customer needs
  • Consolidate power market-leading positions in Russia and enter international turbomachinery market.

Saturn – Gas Turbines solve the following tasks to reach these goals:

  • Cost saving ;
  • Manufacturing operations effectiveness growth;
  • Application of new advanced technologies to streamline management accounting and reporting;
  • Products and services quality improvement through reduction of construction period and cost as well as introduction of management and personnel motivation adequate system.

Key dates of company development:

1936 – setting up of the Mekhanicheskiy Zavod #1, a  factory for manufacturing and repair of civil engineering equipment for first cascade hydroelectric power station on the Volga river.

1953 – renaming of the factory into Volzhskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod (VMZ).

1965 – incorporation of VMZ into Ministry of medium machine-building industry (later it was transformed into RF Ministry on nuclear power) and further development was focused on manufacturing of pipe fittings, non-standard and sometimes unique equipment for companies and scientific centers of machine-building industry as well as for Russian nuclear power stations.

1974 – VMZ was awarded with “Sign of Honor”.

1992 – conclusion of intergovernmental agreement between Russian Federation and Ukraine on joint production of combined cycle plants for renovation of heat and power stations.

1999 - integration of Volzhskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod and Rybinskie Motory JSC, prime manufacturer of gas turbine engines – the core of combined-cycle power plants (CCPP).  Establishment of direction for ground application industrial programs implementation.

1999 -  first gas turbine heat and power electrical station for own needs GTES-2,5 was produced and commissioned in the territory of the company, power rate – 2,5 MW, heat rate 3,87 Gcal.

2001 - merging of Rybinskie Motory, JSC and A.Liulka - Saturn JSC and renaming of Company into  NPO Saturn JSC.

2006 - direction for ground application industrial programs evolved into Saturn – Gas Turbines JSC.

2009 - Saturn – Gas Turbines, JSC became a general contractor of United Engines Corporation (Energy and Industry Programs division) for power generating units and gas compressor sets. SGT is the general packager for gas compressor sets (GCS) and gas turbine power plants (GTPP) based on gas turbine engines produced by UEC-incorporated companies.

2009 – start of serial production of  GPA-16 Arlan gas compressor set.

2010 - certification of company Quality Management System according to international standard ISO 9001:2008 and Russian quality standard GOST R.  ISO 9011-2008 requirements.

2010 - special design bureau for gas compressor sets of Saturn – Gas Turbines was opened in Sumy, Ukraine.

2011 - acquisition of 100% of Saturn-Gas Turbines shares by United Engines Corporation JSC.

2011 – setting up of Customer Support Center, engineering centers in Moscow and Surgut, commissioning of new shop for production of power plants based on gas reciprocating drive.

2011 – start of serial production of GPA-C-25 gas compressor set, industrialization of power plants based on gas reciprocating drive.

2011 – awarding of the Russian Federation government diploma for significant results in quality achievement.

2012 – victory in  Quality Tournament of the Central and Eastern European Countries.  EFQM diploma «Recognized for Excellence 5 Star