Savo-Solar Oy

Savosolar is a Finnish company manufacturing the world`s most efficient solar thermal collectors. The company`s unique products are based on a vacuum coating process where the complete absorber structure is coated after assembly. This means that the direct flow design, with highly improved heat transfer, can be utilised. The Savosolar team has extensive know-how and experience in vacuum coating techniques as well as in international sales and business management. The company uses the latest manufacturing technologies in its processes and is ISO 9000 certified. Our company is expanding rapidly and supports our customers in reaching their environmental and business targets by significantly reducing their energy costs. Savosolar invests in constant product development to always offer the best solutions to the needs of the growing environmental energy market.

Company details

Insinöörinkatu 7 , Mikkeli , FI-50150 Finland

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Energy - Solar Power
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

  • Founded December 2009, operations started on April 2010
  • Based on strong R&D and vacuum coating competence
  • Multinational world class team, with extensive experience in international operations
  • Quality system ISO 9000 certified
  • Solar Keymark received for two collector types
  • Intersolar Award 2011 in Solar Thermal Technology
  • First commercial deliveries installed in May 2011
  • Deliveries so far in several European countries and in South-Africa

Our Mission

  • Contribute on solving the climate change challenge by using sustainable Solar Energy
  • Improve living conditions creating a clean and secure environment
  • Contribute solving water shortage by utilizing Solar Energy for water desalination and cleaning

Our Vision

  • Become the world technology leader in Solar Thermal Technology

Solar energy is one of the 21st century's most promising and accessible technologies. The recent success, which primarily comes from thermal conversion of solar radiation into heat, represent also the major energy consumption.

Solar energy offer obvious advantages:

  • The sun delivers a free, unlimited resources
  • The sun is a pure, natural energy source
  • The sun provides fixed, predictable energy prices
  • The sun can be exploited with simple, flexible, well-proven technology

Hot water, space heating and cooling, building integration, district heating and cooling, industrial process heat and cooling, electricity production.

Hot water and space heating system integrators, building element producers, communities and energy companies, industrial and commercial companies.

Savo-Solar solar thermal energy solutions are based on strong innovative R&D, networked with international Universities and Research Centers.

Where and When

  • Mikkeli 30 december 2009
  • Operation started in April 2010
  • First product Solar Keymark  31.05.2011
  • First commercial deliveries in May 2011
  • Intersolar Award June 2011 in Solar Thermal technology
  • Second product Solar Keymark 01.25.2012
  • Certified by Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2008 Quality system 22.05.2012

Strong R&D over 100 man years experience in vacuum coating with a strong international network

Story of our Logo
Since the ancient time the humanity have regarded  the sun wondering about its nature.

When there were not any means to undestand its power , the sun was considered as high as a God, Who defines the cycles of  life; Copernicus for first  was able to comprehend the solar system and finally modern scientist discover the inner nature of the big heat: the nuclear fusion.

Neverteless regardless of our knowledge and regardless of the times one thing was always clear: its unlimited power and strength. We have choosen one of the oldest symbol of the sun to connet again ourself with the origin.

It has always be there for us to take advantage of! We should not loose our chance!