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  • Distributed Sensing

  • Geothermal Monitoring

    Geothermal Monitoring

    Silixa’s distributed fibre optic sensing technologies allow for unparalleled capability for characterizing geothermal reservoirs. Our class leading iDAS and ULTIMA DTS systems are readily combined allowing for the maximum amount of insight into the reservoir to be achieved from a single installation. Monitoring solutions can be installed both downhole and at the near surface for either short term geothermal field characterization or for long...

  • Power Monitoring

    Power Monitoring

    A power cable is exposed to electrical, thermal and mechanical effects during its operating time. The power transfer capacity of a high voltage power cable is limited by high-temperature regions that can damage the cable insulation. Being damaged means degradation in the quality of insulation, occurrence of partial discharges and ultimately a breakdown of the insulation.