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  • Women’s PV Workshop

    Women’s PV Workshop

    On a clear, sunny day in March 2003, a group of women were outside a California environmental science school talking shop—and that isn’t short for shopping. Discussing everything from conduit bending to system voltage, these 25 women were at Walden ...

    Wahila Minshall

  • Revolutionary Education: PV Powered

    Revolutionary Education: PV Powered

    Travel around rural Latin America and you’re sure to see schools without basic educational tools, let alone electricity. Not in Cuba. More than 34,000 children in rural areas of this small Caribbean island are reading, writing, and watching ...

    Laurie Stone

  • Women Who Run with Tools

    Women Who Run with Tools

    Last February, a group of dedicated and enthusiastic women descended on Tucson, Arizona to learn how to incorporate solar energy into their lives. Though it hasn’t always been this way, women wielding power tools and installing solar electric ...

    Laurie Stone

  • Handyman`s Special!

    Handyman`s Special!

    In January of 1998, Lou Ann and Kelvin Washington were in the market for a new home, away from their hectic jobs in Denver. They found their piece of heaven high on a hilltop in South Park, Colorado. But their new dream home came with some problems, ...

    Mick Sagrillo

  • Take Your Bedroom Off the Grid

    Take Your Bedroom Off the Grid

    In recent years there has been a growing interest in renewable energy. The problem is that many people cannot afford to implement a complete renewable energy system all at once. As interest grows and renewable energy equipment prices fall, people ...

    Sharice Low

  • Solar Baking Under the Sonoran Sun

    Solar Baking Under the Sonoran Sun

    Walk down almost any city street in Sonora, Mexico and you’re likely to see bakeries filled with sweet breads, empenadas and Mexican cookies. Ciudad Obregon is no different. In a small, poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Ciudad Obregon (a city of ...

    Laurie Stone

  • The Sol of Cuba

    The Sol of Cuba

    I went to Cuba with Global Exchange, a non-profit organization that organizes “reality tours” of Cuba. The tour coincided with an international solar energy conference organized by CubaSolar, a nongovernmental Cuban organization. Having worked on ...

    Laurie Stone

  • A Decade of PV Lighting in the Colorado Rockies

    A Decade of PV Lighting in the Colorado Rockies

    Backcountry skiing in the Colorado Rockies is exhilarating and exhausting.There’s nothing better after a hard day of skiing through fresh powder than ending up at a mountain hut miles from the nearest town with a wood burning stove, comfortable beds ...

    Laurie Stone