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Solpower AG

Solpower AG

We have been involved in intelligent solar technology for the environment and active climate protection for 22 years. Our strong points? Enthusiasm from day one, innovative ideas and a dynamic team. Today we rank among Germany’s leading specialists in photovoltaic systems. Our operating subsidiaries plan and construct turnkey solar power systems for property owners’ roofs, for customers from industry and agriculture, and for public bodies. SOLPOWER AG operates internationally beyond Germany, for instance in Spain. We are at your service all the way to your own solar system, including financing and network monitoring if you so wish. The SOLPOWER brand guarantees top quality, from the module through to the inverter – plus service and advice, of course.

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Schubertstraße 17 , Ravensburg , D-88214 Germany
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Solar Power
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Today the history of our company reads like an enthralling success story. The path there was not always smooth. Back in 1988 Emanuel Senz and Peter Seethaler shared their first company address in the town centre of Ravensburg, Germany. Demonstrating an enterprising spirit, the two company founders went one step further than exploiting the thermal use and tackled photovoltaics. They developed isolated solutions for the leisure sector.

The inexhaustible source of energy

These initial stages were not easy. But what it all revolved around was clear: solar energy. And the idea itself was a driving force.

In politics one would call these beginnings the grassroots work. It involved putting the idea and the product in the public arena.  By holding roadshows and giving presentations the young company attracted new prospective purchasers and customers. The concept of harnessing an inexhaustible source of energy became ever more compelling.

As everyone can see, the epoch of fossil fuels is drawing to a close – just a brief stage in the evolution of mankind.

It is the dawn of a new age: 100% sun, and by that we mean not just energy in the technical, physical sense. Of course, the age of the sun has already begun, but the sun is far more than just the source of energy for our daily needs.

The sun gives life. All creatures need it, the cycle of nature is reliant on it. Without the sun there would be no other regenerative energy, no hydro power, no wind power, no renewable primary products. The sun is the basis of our existence. It sends forth its rays inviting us to use them.

Escaping the fossil trap

“I’ve never done anything other than what I do now”, says founder member Peter Seethaler. Today he is on the Supervisory Board and acts in an advisory capacity for several corporate sectors of the Group. Close friends know that everything he does is born of conviction. The two founders,  Peter Seethaler and Emanuel Senz, met when studying environmental and process engineering.

Together they started to evolve answers to a central question: How can we free ourselves from reliance on fossil fuels? In Ticino the first plans for a joint company were forged.  Up at an Alpine hut, closer to the sun, it was the perfect breeding ground for entrepreneurial visions that were soon to materialize – visions were transformed into a mission.