St1 Biofuels Oy

St1 is a privately owned Finnish company. The company’s operations are divided into two business groups. St1 Nordic focuses on fuel marketing activities in Finland, Sweden and Norway and on renewable energy solutions such as waste-based ethanol fuels and industrial wind power. St1 Group focuses on refinery operations.

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Purotie 1 , Helsinki , 00380 Finland

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Energy - Waste to Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

A Finnish energy company that challenges the conventional
Our vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. So far, St1 has bioethanol plants in Finland; an oil refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden; and service stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The cornerstone of our business is the sale of liquid fuels for transport and heating use to consumers and the corporate sector. In the petrol station business, we have St1 and Shell networks, the latter under a licence agreement.

Our strong performance in the traditional oil business enables us to invest in the future and to build a solid foundation for realising our vision through renewable energy. We are already recycling waste for fuel and using wind power to produce electricity. In the spirit of our vision, each of our solutions must be technically and economically feasible and ecologically sustainable – today.

Clean energy from the depths of the Earth
St1 is drilling seven kilometres into the bedrock of Espoo - deeper than ever before in Finland. The goal of St1 Deep Heat is to build Finland’s first industrial scale heat plant running on geothermal energy. Energy company Fortum will act as a partner and buy the energy for Espoo’s district heating network.

St1 already has experience on sustainably produced energy, and geothermal heat is a natural next step. The process where geothermal heat is extracted is fairly simple. Process begins when two 7-km-deep holes are drilled into the crust of the Earth. Water is fed down to the bedrock where its temperature will rise due to geothermal heat. The hot water will rise up, and the heat will be entered into district heating network. A complete plant should produce as much as 40 megawatts of energy.

The challenge of the project is Finland’s hard bedrock and a specially manufactured drill is needed to get through. Still it takes months to drill a 7-km-deep hole. The heat plant itself will be completed in 2018, and it is planned to cover 10% of the district heating needed in Espoo. If the pilot succeeds the technology can also be taken into use elsewhere in in the Nordic countries.

Meeting the energy needs of all customers

More than 600,000 customer visits every day

Our retail business has its foundation in a strong petrol station network. The St1- and Shell-branded network is present in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Hundreds of thousands of customers visit us every day. Depending on the location, the network serves different needs of people on the go. The distribution network consists of unmanned stations and service stations with convenience stores and restaurants. We have been building a strong, wide retail presence in order to create a platform for introducing and commercialising new fuel products.