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Teva Energy provides commercial and industrial facilities with heat energy at a rate bellow the facility`s monthly energy cost. TEVA`S propietary systems and methods enable TEVA to bear all system costs and charge only for energy utilized by the facility. This clean energy delivery is metered and priced below the client`s cost for equivalent fossil -fuel energy. Clients save money and carbon emissions from day one without risk or capital expense. Teva Energy, Providing Green Energy Solutions for the Commercial and iIdustrial Market in Thermal Energy and Geo Thermal

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955 Sunshine ln , Altamonte Springs , Florida 32714 USA

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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

TEVA Energy is a vertically-integrated developer of industrial-scale solar systems providing in-house services for system design, installation, maintenance and financing.  TEVA is capable of installing electric PV systems, but it has also gained unique expertise in design and installation of large-scale solar thermal systems for industrial consumers of hot water.  This expertise enables TEVA to tailor solar systems for each facility’s specific needs; thereby, optimizing the facility’s roof space and financial investment to provide the sensible ROI decision makers are looking for when considering renewable energy.  TEVA Energy’s experience runs deep with many proven solar projects including the largest solar polymer system in North America.

TEVA Energy’s background began in UMA Solar and the Magen Eco-Energy conglomerate with over forty years of experience in the solar industry.  Magen eco-Energy is the parent company of the Magen International Group, which is comprised of nine wholly or majority owned subsidiaries, in the United States, Germany and Israel.  TEVA Energy was originally started as a division within UMA Solar, the U.S. arm of Magen Eco-Energy, to support the ever-growing demand for sustainable technology and services sought after by the large-scale commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

A team of five professionals with industrial expertise was put together, including engineering, project management and IT experts. This team focused on innovative technologies that proved to make practical financial sense in overseas markets. Specifically, focus was put on Thermally Efficient Value-Added energy solutions (i.e. TEVA energy).  Acceptance grew quickly along with many customer demands for TEVA’s comprehensive design, engineering, and energy financing services.  In 2010, TEVA Energy was spun off from UMA Solar to expand its development of this growing market segment.  Since then, TEVA’s vast resources, strong customer support and steadfast focus on the industrial and commercial sectors have enabled it to become one of the major players in the solar market and a clear leader in the industrial solar thermal market.  In 2011, Redshift Capital invested significant capital in TEVA Energy to further support its growth rate, and in 2013, Superior Solar Systems, LLC came on board to further support TEVA’s growth demands.