Tidal Electric Inc.

Tidal Electric`s offshore impoundments are the next step for hydroelectricity. Cost competitive, commercial-scale renewable energy from the ocean`s tides. Tidal Electric is developing a proposal for an offshore tidal lagoon in Scotland. The proprietary technology enabling the lagoon to be placed offshore allows the plant to deliver large scale, carbon free power at unmatched value. Scotland`s tremendous tidal resource and goal of producing as much renewable electricity as it consumes by 2020 make it an ideal partner for an offshore tidal lagoon. Southern Alaska holds some of the richest tidal energy resources in the world. Concentrated in Cook Inlet and Bristol Bay with many smaller locations spread across the region, tidal energy has the potential to contribute cost-competitive renewable energy to both the railbelt and to rural communities across the state.

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Tidal Electric's offshore tidal lagoons are environmentally benign installations to harvest the energy from the tidal cycle.  The impoundment is a rock wall in a closed shape that is placed offshore with turbines placed on the seaward side.  As the tide cycles, the turbines turn and energy is produced.

Because they are placed offshore tidal lagoons do not impede boat navigation or fish migration, and because they only rise three feet above the high tide line the installation has a very low profile from the perspective of the town. 

Project - Mexico

Tidal Electric is pursuing a project in Mexico's Gulf of California, between Baja Norte and Sonora.  The gulf holds a very significant tidal resource and is positioned to provide electricity to both Southern California and to Mexico, making it an ideal location for a large scale Tidal Electric installation.