Transvit Incorporated (TVI)

Transvit Incorporated (TVI)

Transvit Incorporated (TVI) has over 30 years experience in Incineration/Gasification and the Waste-to-Energy business. TVI Inc offers the most practical and efficient WTE systems available. Our combined options allow us to propose the best solution for your waste gasification and energy recovery. Transvit is an environmental engineering and technology company with an innovative thermal gasification process for the disposal of municipal and industrial wastes and coal. TRANSVIT has manufactured these waste systems for over 20 years, installing more than 100 systems throughout the world. Transvit has sales offices located in the USA, South America, East Asia, and Europe. We seek additional representation elsewhere.

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Salt Lake City , Utah 84101 USA
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Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)


The focus of TRANSVIT is to provide low cost, practical waste gasification and energy recovery systems for the disposal of municipal and industrial solid waste.  The municipal waste-to-energy systems feature expandable modules, each processing up to 400 tpd of waste, and generating up to 8 mega watts of electric power.  

We also provide larger industrial gasification systems up to 1500 tpd, and smaller BATCH gasification systems from 2 to 100 tpd, and up to 2 MW electricity.  Our core competency lies in designing, manufacturing, and installing affordable and practical systems, that can be shipped anywhere or manufactured locally.


The following are representative of over 100 projects disposing of over 3,000,000 tpy designed and installed worldwide by the principals of Transvit Inc.

Batch Gasifier Systems (Smaller applications) Mobil Oil Indonesia Batch 3 T, MAG Lite Croatian island Batch 3T, Egegik Alaska Batch 2.5 T, Cayman Brac Batch 1 T, Grand Cayman Medical Waste Batch 2.5 T, ARCO OIL, N. Slope Alaska (Conoco Phillips) Batch 2x3.5, Afton Wyoming Batch 20 T, Amec-Pogo Gold Mine Batch 1.3T, Fort Greely Alaska military base Batch 4T, Husavik Iceland Batch 25T WTE, Kwajalein Atoll Marshal Islands military base Batch 32T, Pacer Dome Gold Mine Alaska Batch 1/2 T, City of Egegik Alaska Batch 2.5 T, Dumfries Scotland Batch 120T WTE, British Petroleum (BP) Alaska Batch 3.5 T, Grand Cayman Island Batch 4T Medical Waste, Turks & Caicos Bahamas Batch 4T.

Municipal / Industrial Continuous Feed (MB) Thora Australia MB 200 TONS/DAY, Louisiana Pacific Manitoba Canada MB-dbl 600 TPD, North Enderby British Columbia Canada MB 200 TONS/DAY, Footner High Level Alberta Canada MB 600 TONS/DAY, Spruce Products Swan River Manitoba Canada MB-V 190 TONS/DAY, Meadow Lake Saskatchewan MB 400 TONS/DAY, Atco, Fruitvale 200 TPD. EXXON Valdez, Alaska 100 TPD MSW Phase 2.. British Columbia Canada MB 200 TONS/DAY, Gudang Indonesia MB-V 400 Tons/day, Cavite, Philippines, 55 TPD MSW Phase 1, Slave Lake Alberta MB-26'x66', Thora #2 Australia MB 18'x48'.

Small Controlled Air Systems Navapache Hosital Show Low Arizona CA 150 T2, Vermillian Hospital Clinton Indiana CA 150 T2, Proctor & Gamble, Indonesia CA 100 std, Vazquez Philippines CA 150 T2, Taiwan Nantau CA 1000 T2, Liaohe Oilfield China CA 750 T1, TaiHo Taiwan CA 150 T2, Western Geophysical Alaska CA 100 std (2), Syria, oil company CA 100 T1, Williams Precious Metals New York CA 100 T1, Eurest Alaska CA 125 std, Nigeria CA 220 T2

Not included in this list are more than 50 Continuous Feed Industrial systems of 50 to 1500 tons /per day designed and manufactured by principals of Transvit Inc.

Twenty Five Year History
Few companies can match the wide combustion and gasification project experience and resources of Transvit / Emery personnel. No company can match the combination of key features that Transvit has developed into its practical affordable products:

Durability and simplicity, with affordable capital and operating costs.

The Transvit products have world-wide application. Increasing waste problems, cost of energy, and awareness of environmental issues, make our products increasingly attractive.

Our relatively small company allows us to be very competitive and responsive to the smaller city and industrial niche that our products serve. We invite you to join our world-wide team.