Turbowind Energy is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Turbowinds medium wind turbines. We bring expertise in the wind industry, power generation, project management, civil and environmental engineering. Our commitment is to offer reliable, proven technology and dependable service. Turbowinds wind turbines have a proven history of over twenty years reliable operation in the harshest conditions.

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Our team of engineering and commercial professionals established Turbowind Energy with a single vision,

“To help transform how individuals and communities sustain themselves through renewable energy generation.”

We believe we have a responsibility to play our part in reshaping our future. A future that is less and less dependent on fossil fuels, a future that we can be proud to pass on to our children.

To achieve this vision, we recognise the necessity to offer technology that not only makes environmental sense but also is economically viable. The challenge for us as industry professionals is to constantly strive for greater performance and a more competitive cost of electricity. We welcome the challenge.

A seismic shift to renewable energy is happening. We want to play our part, for all our sakes.

They represent the expectations we have for ourselves as individuals and as a business. They inform our decisions and guide our actions every day.

Dynamism and flexibility
We value our ability to meet the needs of our customers and to build long-term relationships. We are in business for the long haul. We recognize that customers have varying needs and concerns and that the demands of the market are rarely static. This places a responsibility on us to be responsive and flexible in our approach. We encourage our people to demonstrate and recognize personal initiative.

Professionalism and respect
We are a ‘human’ organisation. We treat our colleagues and customers as we would wish to be treated, in a friendly, respectful and collaborative manner. As seasoned professionals we make it easy for others to work with us. We strive to be professional in all our dealings while recognising that we are always learning from others. Our aim is to inspire confidence and respect.

Credibility and reliability
We offer only established and proven technology, technology we are proud to stand over. We deliver on our promises and are consistent in how we deal with our customers and stakeholders. We value our reputation and only commit to what we know we can deliver. We strive to deliver a consistently high level of service to all our customers regardless of their size.

Turbowinds has been at the forefront of turbine design since 1985. Over twenty-five years experience as a leading pioneer in wind energy generation has led to the development of several of the best-regarded, medium turbine designs in operation today.

Turbowinds is renowned for its on-going commitment to product development and reliability for medium turbines. With nearly 700 turbines delivered across the product range, Turbowinds’ solutions offer robust, proven technology that you can trust. With some of the highest availability levels in the industry, Turbowinds’ designs offer excellent returns and attractive payback.

Whether you are a landowner, farmer, or business owner considering becoming a generator, or an existing wind developer, this section provides an overview of some of the issues involved and how we can help. There are many issues to consider from choosing the most appropropriate plant for your site, to selling your energy, managing and financing your project.

Investing in wind energy can be a big decision and we appreciate that this requires time and consideration before you can choose the most appropriate technology partner. We are here to answer your questions, we welcome any queries and will respond promptly.

In the meantime, you can review this section as well as our FAQs and we look forward to discussing your needs.

Medium wind refers to generation from turbines with a capacity of between 50 and 500 kW. Government incentives for wind energy have transformed the return on invesment for medium wind projects. As a result of the feed-in tariff scheme, and the medium wind band, even a single turbine can generate a significant return.

Medium wind turbines produce signficantly more energy than micro-generation. Typically the ouput generated is more appropriate for the energy requirements of small businesses and large farms. The investment required is more feasible for individuals and small businesses.

As a category of wind turbines, investors have the reassurance of choosing from technologies that have been proven to withstand the harshest conditions for their intended lilfe.

The principle upon which wind turbines are designed has been with us for centuries, used in windmills to drive machinery for grinding grain or pumping water. A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy which in turn is used to generate electricity. However, modern turbine designs have come a long way since James Blyth, a Scottish academic, first developed an electricity generating wind turbine in 1887. As early as 1900, Denmark was producing about 30 MW of power from 2500 windmills.

Wind turbines come in two types based on whether they rotate about a horizontal or vertical axis. All Turbowinds wind turbines are the horizontal type. Depending on their generation capacity, wind turbines may be termed, small (or micro), medium or large. Small wind turbines can range from 50 watts to 50 kilowatts. Large, utility grade turbines range from 500 kW up to the current record of 7.58 MW. Turbowinds wind turbines sit in the medium-scale band between 50kW and 500 KW.

The move to wind is gathering pace, wind power is growing at a rate of 30% annually. Global wind power capacity grew by 35,800 MW in 2010. Global installed capacity in 2010 was 198 gigawatts (GW), accounting for 21% of stationary electricity production in Denmark, for example. However the potential for energy generation from this free resource is many times that. The long-term technical potential of wind energy globally is estimated to be five times total current energy production.

For the first time, individuals, businesses and communities can become energy independent. We can now produce renewable energy at a scale that more than meets our individual needs. The power is in our hands to transform how we generate and consume energy and in so doing help reduce our impact on the planet’s ecosystem.

The difference now is that there is no longer a choice between what makes economic sense and what our planet needs for survival. Now we can make the choice to move to renewable energy, to harness the power of the wind and still achieve a healthy return on investment. The right choice is also the right business decision.

A feed-in tariff, or FIT, is a government policy mechanism designed to encourage investment in renewable energy. Eligible renewable energy generators (which could be farmers, landowners, business owners or homeowners) are offered long-term contracts for the electricity they produce. As a generator you will get paid for the electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself, and any surplus electricity you export to the grid.

As farmers and landowners, you have the ability to diversify into a new industry. There are a variety of options from which you can choose. You can provide a small plot of land for a single wind turbine at no outlay or risk to yourself and generate additional annual income from rent. Alternatively, you can invest in a medium wind turbine, providing yourself and your family with a substantial income for the next twenty years at least.