Turbowinds is a Belgian designer and manufacturer of reliable wind and pumping turbines. Some of the highest availability levels in the industry lead to reduced maintenance costs, increased returns and shorter payback. Turbowinds machines are at the cutting edge of modern wind turbine technology and provide very high annual energy outputs. The most complete and modern control system. This central supervisory control system allows remote monitoring control and interactive data communication. Over 20 years of experience and 155 MW of installed wind power. First class technical support, training and maintenance.

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14 Rue de Praetere , BRUXELLES , Bruxelles B-1050 Belgium

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Following the commitments made at the Kyoto conference in 1997 on cutting CO2 emissions, the European Union is developing the means for harnessing renewable energy sources in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2010, these renewable sources will be required to provide 12 per cent of the European Union's energy supply.

Turbowinds is fully committed to this path, not only within Europe, but globally. As such, we participate fully in the rapid development of sustainable and clean energy sources which reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the environment. Our present focus is on mid-size wind energy.

In 1985, Turbowinds was founded. We produced and marketed small vertical-axis wind turbines of up to 15 kW and solar-energy systems.

In 1995, Turbowinds bought WindMaster Belgium's know-how in wind energy and took on all the engineers and technicians involved in the design, project management, manufacturing, operations and maintenance of wind turbines and central supervisory control systems around the globe.

During this period, Turbowinds began developing new wind turbines to produce electricity for main electricity supply grids.

As well, with 18 years of experience, our engineers started designing new models. The resulting T-series turbines combine top quality, best performance and high reliability with lowest initial investment and follow-up maintenance costs. The success of the T-series is based on the principle of active stall regulation with controls fully developed by Turbowinds.

In 1997, the first model of the T-series, the T400-34, was designed, manufactured and installed in the outer harbour of Zeebrugge. Its yearly production was 1.078.811 kWh in 1999. Making an average yearly consumption of 3.500kWh/household, this output covers the electricity requirements of about 310 households.

In 1998, another  wind turbine, the T600-48, was designed, manufactured and installed in the outer harbour of Zeebrugge. With the world's largest rotor diameter for its capacity range,the T600-48 is particularly suited to inland areas. Its annual production in 1999 was 2.064.854 kWh, meeting the yearly electricity needs of approximately 590 households.

2000-2005 Turbowinds added sufficient new manufacturing floor space to assemble a large number of turbines to meet the needs of a growing market.

Today Turbowinds focuses on the Research and development, production, and installation of mid size wind turbines . Its product range comprises several types of turbines with rated outputs of between 300 kW and 600 kW. To date, we can call on the production, development, and construction experience gained in over 600 wind turbine projects. Particularly our ‘T-type' range set snew standards and became one of the most successful turbines in its class.