United Wind Inc.

United Wind Inc.

United Wind is the United States’ only one-stop shop for leasing a small wind turbine. Our proprietary Wind Analytics software will determine if wind is right for you, and model how much you can expect to save – and we guarantee those numbers. Our expert analysts and project teams work alongside your sales consultant to provide you with a personalized wind system plan that optimizes your property size, wind resources, and energy needs. Once you select a plan that works for you, we take it from there: from permitting to installation to maintenance. We aim to provide you with unparalleled service from day one.

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20 Jay St. Suite 928 , Brooklyn , New York 11201 USA

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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Energy - Wind Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Industry Expertise

United Wind was formed in 2013 as a combination of assets and talent from the two industry-leading small wind companies: Talco Electronics and Wind Analytics. Talco, founded in 2000, sold more than 150 turbines and was the leading distributor of small wind turbines in the United States. Wind Analytics, founded in 2009, was the only company to offer a third-party verified remote wind speed analysis tool, empowering potential small wind turbine owners with a low-cost site assessment. 

With the best of Talco and Wind Analytics together, United Wind is the only company that has the knowledge and capability to offer the first ever little-to-no money down leasing option to small wind customers in the United States. Learn more about Our Team.

Commitment to Excellence

United Wind strives for excellence in everything we do. We work with transparency and integrity. We are passionate about supporting our customers, advancing wind energy, and doing good for the planet.

Our Vision: Making Wind Power Possible

Founded on the belief that wind energy must be affordable to compete with conventional energy sources, United Wind provides customers with wind energy options that make sense today and into the future.