Viking Wind ApS

Viking Wind ApS

Viking Wind produces strong and reliable 25 kW household wind turbines based on the Danish Design principles of functionality and aesthetics. The turbines are the best tested of their kind in Denmark. With three blades the turbines have the same majestic look as the large turbines.

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Holger Danskes Vej 23 D , Randers SØ , DK-8960 Denmark
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Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Danish Wind Turbine Traditions
Danish Wind Turbine traditions go far back in time. The reason might be that Denmark always has had good wind conditions for wind turbines in operation. For centuries we have used windmills for practical purposes such as grinding corn.

The history of power-generating wind turbines started in 1891 when physicist Poul la Cour experimented with electricity produced using wind power. With support from the Danish government, he built a test wind turbine at Askov Højskole. His work has more than a century later still effect on the development of wind turbines in Denmark.

Viking Wind has Large Ambitions
Denmark is seen as the leading country within wind turbine technology – also in the field of household wind turbines. And we would very much like to keep it that way.

The first Viking wind turbine was constructed in 2009 and is the household wind turbine in its class which has been tested during the longest period. This makes the Viking wind turbine strong, aesthetic and dependable.

The development of the Viking household wind turbine contains a lot of innovative thinking and thousands of development and testing hours are behind the result, which we are proud to present today.


Household wind turbines are delivered with a high service through the entire process
As you might know, nothing is stronger as its weakest link. This is why we feel obliged to accompanying our wind turbines with a service, which covers the entire process from the first non-committal visit to the following cooperation when the turbine is in operation.

We seek to offer you a personal, transparent and fair service. Our customers and cooperation partner are met with facts and a willingness to find a solution. And we want everybody to feel safe when agreements are in force.

We have been in business for more than a decade and we know what we talk about when it comes to household wind turbines. At Viking Wind, years of experience from the industry for wind turbines is accumulated and put to good use when it comes to advising our customers in a tailored solution meeting their needs and wants. And being pioneers erecting wind turbines in isolated areas where electricity is sparse has never been an obstacle- it is just another challenge that we happily meet.

Our cooperation partners, who play a role in selling our wind turbines, are met with the same demands. They need to provide highly qualified guidance, helping you with the calculations, advising you on the best locations, etc.


Household Wind Turbines for the Entire World
Viking Wind is on our way to the world markets. We have already installed household wind turbines in Argentina, France, and Greenland and are negotiating about the possibilities to supply turbines to other countries.

In 2013 we moved into new and larger premises. At the same time, we expanded the staff of skilled and experienced wind power employees and have also raised our capital.

In 2016 the company name changed from HSWind to Viking Wind. The change was made in connection with a change of mindset and a larger focus on export. In other words, we have strengthened Viking Wind and are ready for growth and development.

Our goal at Viking Wind is to deliver the world’s best household wind turbine.


Contact a Viking Wind Partner
We would love to come to visit you!

If you think a household wind turbine sounds interesting, or if you need advice and guidance when choosing a household wind turbine, our distributors all over the world are more than happy to stop by for a non-committal visit.

Whether you are a farmer, gardener, company, institution or in private doesn’t matter. You probably have an idea of how a green profile can benefit you and your surroundings and/or you think that a household wind turbine could be an opportunity for a profitable investment. If you live in a location with plenty of wind, a Viking VS household wind turbine can be an excellent investment for you!

When moving forward with a turbine, the retailer will happily take care of the practicalities from beginning to end – including coordinating the process and securing permission from the municipality.

Contact our main office today and we will make sure that a distributor in your area contacts you for a non-committal visit.


Household wind turbines are an environmentally friendly solution for your company - it is a good investment and visible environmental profiling. Compared to the large wind turbines, a household wind turbine is not subject to strict wind turbine planning, as they can be installed without loading the neighbors or the landscape.

A household wind turbine is a wind turbine, which is installed in connection with detached properties and their primary function is to deliver energy for the property’s own use – either as electricity or hot water.

This makes the Viking wind turbines a healthy, green investment to many companies – especially those with a high energy consumption.


If you think a household wind turbine sounds interesting, or if you need advice and guidance when choosing a household wind turbine, we have distributors all over the world who will be more than happy to stop by for a non-committal visit.