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The Vortex Energy Saver is a small device that`s easily installed to any type of central heating system to substantially reduces heating costs and extend the life expectancy of the central heating system. The Vortex Energy Saver product was invented to help people reduce the amount of energy wasted in heating a property. Due to the unique design, the Vortex Energy Saver reduces Oxygen levels in the water of the heating system down to an inert level (less than 0.5ppm) by doing so the properties of the water are improved causing the water to heat up quicker using less energy. Improving the heat transfer efficiency in such a way has proven to save up to 30% on energy consumption. Further technical information can be found on our Product page & reports are found in the testimonials section.

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Our team are dedicated to saving the environment and changing the way we use energy. With energy prices rising and rising its never been more important to take action to reduce heating bills. Vortex Energy Saver is playing a key part in this challenge to dramatically reduce the energy consumed to heat domestic properties.

We have vast experience in renewable and energy saving technologies and bringing technologies to market. We are particularly excited about the Vortex Energy Saver because the energy savings are so great and payback is quick especially compared to other technologies on the market. We have also partnered with manufacturers of other selected energy saving products that complement the Vortex Energy Saver with low cost and high savings, offering unbeatable prices.

The Vortex Energy Saver was invented to help eliminate problems and to reduce energy and maintenance costs in all kinds of heating systems. Vortex Energy Saver in its present form has been on the market since 2008 and has undergone extensive testing that has confirmed the efficiency of the Vortex Energy Saver in dramatically reducing energy costs.

Since then additional tests have been undertaken which have further demonstrated the ability of Vortex Energy Saver to reduce energy consumption by up to 30% with particular success on ground and air source heat pumps.

Tests carried out by the Institute of Technology show that we have removed Oxygen from solution and therefore eliminate the formation of magnetites which reduces maintenance costs considerably.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Vortex Energy Saver is the only de-aerator on the market that has proven to remove dissolved air to an inert level resulting in substantial energy savings and preventing corrosion. The Vortex Energy Saver is now playing a large part in helping combat fuel poverty as well as assisting the general population save money.

Domestic heating systems will typically contain between 1% to 2.5% entrained air. This air in the heating system reduces the heat transfer efficiency resulting in more energy than necessary required to heat the water to the desired temperature. Additionally, Oxygen in the entrained air is highly corrosive reducing the life of the heating system and air bubbles form causing problems such as; air locks, undesirable noise, pump cavitation etc.

The Vortex energy saving product directly addresses this problem and can be installed on any type of domestic heating systems or even large commercial buildings that have zones with 28mm pipe sizes or smaller. Having worked with many social landlords, councils, businesses and homeowners we are confident enough in the savings achieved to offer a money back guarantee if 10% savings aren't achieved and in most cases the Vortex has proven to save between 20-30% on heating costs.

Highlights of the Vortex:

  • Typical energy savings 20-30%
  • 40yr+ life expectancy
  • 10yr product warranty
  • 10% money Back guaranteed savings
  • Increase in radiator temperature of 10-12°C
  • Removes Oxygen down to an inert level
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Eliminates requirement of magnetic filters
  • Extends life expectancy of heating system
  • Reduces annual maintenance costs
  • Eliminates many common issues: for example; the uneven heating of radiators, rattling pipes, pin holing, build up of sludge
  • Suitable for any type of wet heating system whether with: a new boiler or old boiler, condensing boiler, non-condensing boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler, combi boiler or biomass boilers, as well as underfloor heating and air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

Feedback from Vortex Users:

  • Lister Housing Cooperative: Boiler setting had to be reduced by 20% within 20 minutes of Vortex being installed. Since then the setting has been reduced further and non performing radiators are now heating fully.
  • Harrogate Borough Council: The energy consumption on the heat pump fitted with Vortex is 29% less than that on a comparable house without Vortex.
  • Emotion Energy: Vortex was installed on an air to water heat pump and there was a difference in radiator temperature from 49°C previously to 55°C.
  • Notting Hill Housing Trust: Installing Vortex resulted in savings of 15%, possibly 20% on heating costs and a payback period of approx. 6 months.
  • DSA Driving Standards Agency: The results show and average reduction of 19% in Gas consumption with the most benefitting from 30%.
  • Coventry University: The trial flat showed an average reduction in gas consumption of 35% over a rolling one year period.
  • University of St Andrews: The installation at the museum showed a saving of 27% in gas consumption.

The Vortex Energy Saver is the No1 energy saving product to improve energy efficiency for homes and businesses. If you are looking for ways how to save money on energy bills The Vortex Energy Saver device has proven to increase energy efficiency and reduce heating costs by up to 30%.

The Vortex Energy Saver is an ideal energy management solution to help with energy bills and protect against future increases in fuel prices. The savings from independent third party testing, monitored systems and feedback from our customers have consistently demonstrated between 20-30% savings. In addition to direct energy savings, the Vortex will also reduce maintenance and extend the life of the heating system

Savings will vary from property to property primarily due to different heating systems having different levels of dissolved Oxygen within the heating system prior to the Vortex being installed. Therefore for illustration purposes we have used the lower end of savings that are typically achieved

The table below shows expected savings over a 20yr period based on a conservative 20% savings (Price without any promotional discount, domestic customers will need to take into account VAT):

Fuel poverty is becoming an increasing issue with gas prices increasing by an average of 8% per year and consistent increases in domestic oil prices. It is important to take action to help with energy bills, there are many energy solutions and energy saving products to save energy at home readily available however, none provide as quick a payback period nor as many additional benefits as our Vortex Energy Saver.