Wavepower Technologies Limited

Wavepower is developing commercially viable technology that uses ocean waves as a source of energy to generate electricity ? We believe this is the last big challenge in renewable energy. By harnessing the power of the sea’s natural movement, we’ll have a new source of electricity that is sustainable and ecologically sound. To get there, we need the time and resources to develop the right technology. Then we need the entrepreneurial spirit to make it commercially successful. Wavepower has been established to provide all these things. We’re privately funded, and committed to our mission. Which is why we’ll succeed in changing the world. At Wavepower, we believe the time is right to harness that power. So we’re developing commercially viable technology that generates electricity from the sea’s waves.

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?New Farm Hartlake , Glastonbury , Somerset BA6 9AB United Kingdom

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Think of the power of the ocean. Every wave is filled with unspent energy. Energy that could be used to power businesses, homes and governments. Energy that is inexhaustible and sustainable. Energy that could change the world.

Such a task requires careful research and development. But we’re confident in our ability to produce a device that is robust enough to survive in the hostile marine environment. And, thanks to our private funding, we have the time and resources to keep on trying. Once we’ve perfected the technology, we’ll generate electricity that can be sold on shore. That’s how we’ll know we’ve achieved our mission: when we’ve found a whole new way of powering the world.

We're employing the finest minds in the industry to pursue our vision.

A business like ours is only as good as the people it employs.
That is why we’ve recruited some of the finest engineers in the world: people who can make our vision come to life.

Our team have worked for companies like Siemens Wind Power Solutions, Alstom and the Williams Formula E Team. They’ve gained research degrees from world-class universities and achieved astonishing success in the fields of commerce and enterprise.

We're changing the world from our state-of-the-art rural offices in Somerset

Every pioneer needs a place to call home. Ours is a
cutting-edge research and development facility located at our head office near Glastonbury in Somerset.

We’ve built a truly amazing environment to work in. There’s a well-equipped gym, a café-style common room, comfortable offices and spacious meeting rooms.

It’s all surrounded by some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside, where staff walk, run and cycle to their heart’s content. And when they return to the office, they’re inspired and ready to take on the challenge of changing the world.