WESAF’s Agribusiness while producing sugar cane for its Ethanol program has a network of global partners ready to receive top quality fruit and vegetables including Cameroon`s main export crops the Cocoa Bean and Palm Oil. Generally known as the WESAF GROUP. The Wesaf Group’s competency is; providing economically sustainable solutions for the production of Renewable Energy from biomass and power generation, maximising and adding value to perishable Agricultural products produced in regions too far from production facilities, this involves installing micro facilities in these regions including our hydro/solar power unit. This influx we believe cannot be stopped with the likely scenario being that Africa`s net emissions figure will increase thus negating any reductions made elsewhere around the globe.

Company details

Business Type:
Custom manufacturer
Industry Type:
Energy - Bioenergy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Wesaf's  proposed micro hydro/solar energy auxiliary units will create a significant cost benefit in the production of bio-ethanol, this cost benefit will put ethanol production in Cameroon on competitive terms with major producers who in some cases enjoy energy subsidies from their host governments. Wesaf’s development of  rural  production facilities will seek to be the catalyst for the establishment of sustainable rural economies that will serve  local communities by creating employment and market opportunities for the inhabitants.

The Company has a nuclues estate of an initial 322 hectares where our chief cane feedstock will be grown . From this initial land mass we aim to have a fuel production capacity of around 3-5m gallons per year based on feedstock availability and cane brought in from out growers. The 2 main economic drivers of the company will be ethanol and electricity. Sugar cane ethanol production  comes with the added bonus of energy self suffciency as the cane trash or bagasse can be used for energy co-generation. This has a huge positive  impact on operation costs. In addition to the electricity we will be able to generate on site we will purposely install a solar power unit in phase1 of the project development and in phase2 a mini hydro unit. The solar unit we see as  key and its instsllation will be  pivotal during the construction phase of the project. Installing these 2 auxilliary units will bring our overall power generation potential to between 10-15MW which more than covers plant operations leaving a healthy surplus for marketing and distribution.

The agricultural potential of the area is unlimited and tapping into just a small portio of this potential will have huge inpacts on the host communities.This is why we have an unwavering commitment to the people and view increasong their competency and knowledge of the project is a key factor in the longterm sustainable development of the region.

The WESAF co-operative farming association will provide training to it's new farmers equipping them with modern farming techniques while allocating these farmers cleared irrigated land to implement these methods, while concurrently training farmers who own farms these same methods so they also can benefit from the cooperative and Wesaf’s packing facilities, while increasing the employment viability of the area with increased tonnage.

The long term view is to provide farmers and their families  with modern accommodation, while their children and siblings will be offered vocational training in food technology, horticulture, animal husbandry and warehouse management to NVQ level 2 stage or the equivalent, allowing a seamless transition from school to a working career at WESAF’s farming and processing facilities. WESAF will facilitate the farmers with state of the art farming equipment and provide, cold storage rooms for the preservation of their harvested produce in preparation for both the domestic and export markets. WESAF will work collegiately with Cameroons Department of Agriculture in sourcing varieties of the best yielding seed stocks from research centres world wide in providing a platform for the best yielding crops that flourish in Cameroon

WESAF's vision embraces sustainability by extensive resourcing of local people to create a lasting legacy.


Our longterm vision is the creation of  rural micro industries across Cameroon, the African continent and eventually globally. We want to create an environment  where rural communities are empowered by our resources and support to create opportunities for the  maximisation of local raw materials and practices.


Our mission is to establish  micro industries within rural host communities.This industry will be the main driver for the  creation of jobs and economic opportunities for cooperatives, enterprises and communities through the innovative application of sound business practise.Cameroon has huge renewable energy potential and by identifying a crop that best suits a renewable energy process whilst not encroaching on food supplies, sugar cane represents a huge opportunity to effect lasting change on the community . Rural inhabitants need a sustainable platform that they can commit to, a structure that is commited to the overall development of the region through a well thought out and effective project.


WESAF strives to promote positive economic and social change . We are  distinguished by a deep commitment to and inclusion of  the host community in our activities. Our strengths as a business entity are wise stewardship of development resources a knowledgable , expereinced ,diverse and effective team that will bring their experience to the fore in the common goal of the organisation.


WESAF is dedicated to poverty alleviation and broad-based economic growth. Our respect for host communities  and our commitment to the involvement of the indigenes  as true partners and stakeholders  in development projects results in improved local capabilities, enhanced opportunities, and vibrant , sustainable cooperatives. WESAF's business model of development is designed to increase incomes and generate wealth to  develop the infrastructure  and in intime raise the standard of living.


High quality work and strict standards of accountability characterize WESAF's programs. We take pride in being a technical leader, but with a human focus. To maximise the effective use of valuable resources to maintain sustainable production, we favour replicating our proven methods of local ownership, with an emphasis on braod based participation, and alliances with the private sector and estalished partners.


WESAF'S effective perfromence depends largely on the quality of its staff. Our organisation, values, communication, teamwork, and enlightened leadership.We believe in fair hiring and promotion practices, which contribute to a healthy diverstiy .We are committed to the empowerment of all employees and to a rewarding quality of life in the workplace. We emphasize technical proficiency , staff development and a participative culture.