Wind Engineering S.p.A. (WESPA) was founded in Gualdo Tadino (PG) in 2011. The initial idea was to became the italian leader in manufacturing and installing of wind turbines of I- II and III classes, in the mid-market or in the sizes from 200 to 750 kW . The Company buys the North European technology, changing and modernizing it in order to make it competitive in the international market. Now the wind turbines are assembled in India in a Joint Venture.

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Via Giordania 185 , Grosseto , 58100 Italy

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

WESPA has acquired, integrated and developed the technology in the wind turbines production for a famous northern European companies (world leader in the production of medium-sized turbines 200 kW 750 kW adapting it to the specific characteristics of the Italian market).

The agreement to transfer the technology was signed in September 2011 and supplemented July 16, 2012 allowing the arrangement of the production lines of the turbines sized 200; 225; 500 and 750 kW. These turbines are allocated for the European market and in particular to the Italian, English and some Eastern European countries, where there are advantageous legislations in terms of authorization and incentives for production.However, the large size of turbines thanks to the excellent price-kw installed, can be competitive in the European market through direct selling of the energy, without using incentive forms.

WESPA has approached its business to the national and international market in a close relationship with SEI (Società Elettrica Italiana) group, using the know-how and experience gained in the recent years to address the demand from investors interested in small and medium power range of mini-wind. The strong point is the investment program MWF “Mini Wind Farm” of S.E.I. in order to provide suitable sites for wind turbines up to 1000 kW already developed high wind potential.

The major Partners of the company are:
Società Elettrica Italiana S.E.I. with legal head office in Grosseto, Piacenza and Florence is present throughout Italy with its branches and its network, active from over 15 years in the renewable energy sector with activities focused in the wind sector and particularly, since 2007, in the small wind turbine size from 50 kW to 1000 kW. The Società Elettrica Italiana pursuant to art. 2197 exercises control on Wind Engineering S.P.A.


A new modern, easy and versatile concept to buy , based on the sharing is emerging from the investors aware of the importance of diversifying, decrease investment risks and satisfy their desire to work for the betterment of our environment by reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

The establishment of Purchasing Groups processed by S.E.I Group to meet the new requirements gives all individuals the opportunity to participate directly to a specific investment, benefiting from the experience of the consolidated group.

Wind Engineering (WESPA) within the SEI Group (Italian Electricity Company), deals the management of the systems set up from Purchasing Groups.

In the latest years, the diffusion of the buying group has been extended to renewable energy: more individuals coming together to diversify and reduce the risk to fund pro-rata investment to achieve a project and benefit the earning.

In this way S.E.I. group has developed a new program named G.A.R. ( Purchasing group of renewable energy) S.E.I. collects accessions that have the same interest and the same objectives of diversification of risk, quantifying objectives, enhancement of their availability.

By joining the program, the investor can choose the opportunities available at the moment , and start the initiative of participation in the capital; periodically participants will be informed on the development of interventions and will perceive profits without think about the technology choices ; the development, maintenance, insurance and all risk management will be borne by the SEI group that ensure the complete management and maintenance through the Wind Engineering associated company, about the wind industry.

The advantages to involved to the GAR program are the high profits, full absence of risk, the flexibility of the model contract for construction, which is adjusted to the characteristics, goals and choices of the Group Purchase.