Wind Harvest International has its roots in California, led by aeronautical engineer Robert Thomas, the Director of Wind Energy for California in the early days of wind farming. The company has branched out to Europe and Australia, bringing in a new generation of talented, experienced engineers and project managers who build on decades of field experience and proto-typing. The values of integrity, sustainability, and respect for the power and wisdom of nature have always been the central trunk of the organization. WHI is known for building alliances and solid, long-term relationships around the world.

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Our Business Philosophy and Values

Wind Harvest is committed to growing and sustaining a company as innovative as its turbine systems.  Integrity, sustainability and respect for the power and wisdom of nature are WHI’s heritage.  Quality and reliability in service to our clients are not just words:  we hold ourselves in service to global sustainability and to the clean energy that can be harvested through our unique technologies. The challenges of global sustainability in the face of unprecedented change and need are held consciously by our team as individuals and collectively.

Looking outwardly, if our alliance partners and license partners and end-users are achieving their goals through our technology, and if they see WHI as a coherent organization that anticipates and delivers, we will consider ourselves successful.   Looking inwardly, we are committed to building a healthy organization where systemic thinking and critical thinking are actively pursued all day, every day.  We value the inter-generational fluidity and power sharing that we believe to be an indicator of how future businesses will thrive.  All of us have our eyes on “the prize,” and that prize is not just high profits for our shareholders.  The prize we seek is to enable people around the world to harvest more wind energy in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.

Our turbine systems have emerged to create value for a wide range of potential users, from large utilities to small farmers in remote areas.  We are motivated, as a company, to meet the needs of developing countries with limited or no infrastructure as well as enabling disaster relief through quick installation of one or more of our 70 kW turbines in refuge centers or other areas of traumatic need.  Our philosophy is to engage and serve, and if our highly adaptable turbine systems meet authentic needs at affordable costs, we believe that we will be part of the diverse solutions to the needs of humanity.

We are ambitious for the work, and strive to be humble for ourselves, as individuals and collectively.

Our team is committed to bringing this technology into the service of humanity and the earth and we are all proud of the decades of devotion of the founders in a very challenging task.  Lest anyone fall into the trap that “wind is just wind,” let them be counseled by a wise and patient engineer who has spent year after year in the field, observing and trialing strategies, emerging patterns that have led to the patented “coupled vortex effect,” along with world-class vertical axis turbines that can stand up to conditions around the world.

Our Product is More than Spinning Steel

We take the holistic view, the long view, the systemic view: and we take with us the people around the world who are seeking renewable energy.

Our product is feeling the wind in our faces at wind farms on various continents with WHI Turbine Systems in the understory.

Our product is feeling the wind in rural areas in Africa that have renewable energy to support economic development, education, and health care.

Our product is feeling the wind as developers in aging wind farms use WHI- VAWT technology to ease their way to recommissioning with higher productivity.

Our product is standing in a strong breeze in a new wind farm with double (or more!) the productivity that was earlier expected.

Our product is reflected, quietly, in the faces of people from around the world, building energy independence from their local resources, working together as a community.

Licensing Opportunities

In 2013, WHI signed a Strategic Alliance with Technip, a French Engineering/Procurement/Construction firm.  This alliance was concluded after extensive due diligence of our Turbine Systems and our organization.  Technip is based in France, however, has offices in more than forty countries, and had more than Euro 9Billion revenue in 2013.   They are in the highest tier of companies who do Engineering/Procurement/Construction(EPC) work.

  • WHI is seeking additional relationships with high quality EPC groups, as well as smaller wind farm developers who recognize the possibility of WHI Turbine Systems for their unique holdings or interests.
  • WHI is open to regional licensing arrangements, securing to a qualified party the rights to develop WHI Turbine Systems within a geographical area.
  • In addition, manufacturing WHI Turbines offers many regions around the world a globally-scalable product that supports economic development where qualified workers are available.  Opportunities area available to work with WHI to develop the capacity to produce our turbines under license for a country or for a region.
On-line private seminars and conversations with you and your team:
  • As anyone with experience in the wind industry, each site is unique and the conditions and variables that need to be considered are often complicated.  Using technology, we are able to host private seminars, on-line, with audio and video so that you or your team can meet with our team and address the possibilities you see with WHI Turbine Systems.  Connect and we’ll set up an appointment and make sure the relevant experts from our team are in the conversation.
  • We also offer “Specialty Seminars” that enable our engineers to meet with engineers from various areas or developers to share ideas about applications and technical information that can support decision-makers.  We host seminars for engineers, developers, manufacturers, farmers/ranchers, policy makers, disaster relief, sustainable development, and community development coordinators.  If you or your team is interested in joining in a Specialty Seminar, connect with us by email or phone and we will issue an invitation for the next date available.