Windkinetic Wind Systems Group S.r.l. (WWS)

WindKinetic Wind Systems is a Florence (Italy) based company that designs and produces innovative solutions for Renewable Energy Distributed Power Generation for offgrid applications and Microgrids. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of small scale micro energy generation solutions for small off grid systems. Firstly, conceived as an idea by two Italian engineers with a long history of designing leading edge power electronics for renewable energy applications; it was believed by the founders, that the small scale renewable energy industry was on the verge of unparalleled growth. Since then, the company has gone far. We operate worldwide as technology supplier, system integrator and engineering often on EPC basis (Engineering, procurement and construction). Our system are deployed worldwide in different field and markets : NGOs, Rural Electrification, Mining Industry, Oil&Gas Off Shore, Telemetry, Disaster relief and Civilian use.

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Via Del Castagno 56 , Prato (PO) , 59100 Italy

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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WindKinetic started with producing small wind turbines, mainly used in small off grid applications. The company soon understood the importance of trading other components for off grid applications in addition to small generators

Experience taught how to size and assemble off grid systems as well as offering engineering services required to meet customers’ need. Our activities now include the design and manufacture of micro wind turbines, control systems, PV panels, electronics components, batteries; and engineering services.

We commit ourselves to continual innovation that ensures we serve our customers with optimal solutions. We commit to understand what our customers truly need, and what we deliver is superior whole life performance.

We have recently engaged on designing several kind of off-grid hybrid systems, which involve different kinds of technologies.

We are committed in our research & development activity in order to make from it top quality innovative products.

Our small wind turbines, wind MPPT charger and all other WindKinetic’s products are subject to constant performance analysis by our tech team.

Cutting edge technologies combined with highly skilled workers guarantee the highest performance in all the manufacturing stages. Side by side with our commitment to product innovation we continually innovate our production processes, with our commitment to implement standards against ISO Quality Management and Sustainable Development Processes.

Among our own manufactured products we can list:

  • micro wind turbines: horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines, among which the Polar 50W wind turbine is our top product
  • remote monitoring and control systems
  • wind MPPT chargers
  • off-grid hybrid systems and many others.