W2E Wind to Energy GmbH

W2E - Model 2.0 MW - Wind Turbine Datasheet

2.0 MW100 m85 m160 m141 m117 m105 m100 m85 m70 m141 m117 m100 m90 m 140 m93 m100 m100 m100 m103 m100 m103 m120 m120 m2.0 MW 2.5 MW 3 MWLICENSING: W2E WIND TO ENERGY GMBH | SALES DEPARTMENT I LICENCES@WIND-TO-ENERGY.DE Rotor diameter: 93 m | 100 m Wind class: IEC 2a | 3aDrive train: LARUS Compact®TAKE A LICENCE.Rated power 2.0 MWRotor ...