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Alternative Energy equipment for Energy Management

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    SIRAX - Model BM1200 - High Voltage DC Measuring

    Application: The devices are designed for measurement in electrical distributionsystems or industrial plants. They are suitable as a replacement ofanalogue built-in measuring devices as well as a cost-effective alternativeto energy meters. All parameters may be set on site. A Modbus RTU(RS485) interface is available for the connection of the ...

    By Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG based in Wohlen, SWITZERLAND. from Unifunctional Devices - High Voltage DC Measuring Product line

  • Model SE 632X OGZ - Multi Functional Controller

    The SE 632X OGZ, with its 13 outputs and 13 inputs, is perfectly suitable also for complex heating systems. This controller can easily be adjusted to the most various facility conditions. Thanks to the extensive functionality a selection of pre-defined types for heat sources with or without protection needs, different modes for heating circuits ...

    By TEM AG based in Chur, SWITZERLAND. from Universal/System Controller Product line

  • Ioannou - Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps are the best choice for economical heating, hot water and air conditioning in new or existing homes, hotels, offices, shops and the use of geothermal energy. They fully replace petroleum in homes and buildings with radiators or underfloor heating and air conditioners.

    By Ioannou Alternative Energy Ltd based in Limassol, CYPRUS. from Heating and Cooling Product line

  • Power Panel - Solar Thermal Panel

    The Power Panel module revolutionizes solar technology by combining it with thermal harvesting. Traditional solar panel efficiency drops as heat rises, but the The Power PanelTM offers elite performance even in extreme conditions. Durable and long lasting, it meets or exceeds multiple highly demanding industrial certifications and is backed ...

    By Power Panel , Inc. based in Oxford, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Model SMY 133 - 3-Phase Multimeter and Data Logger

    SMY 133 advanced 3-phase multimeter with large color LCD display. Instrument is designed for load or generation monitoring in single-phase and three-phase low, medium and high voltage networks. It monitors actual value of frequency, line and phase voltages, currents, unbalances, active and reactive powers, power factors and up to 50 voltage and ...

    By KMB Systems, s.r.o. based in Liberec 7, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Others Product line

  • CHP - Standby Power Plants

    IET CHP gensets can be designed for operation parallel to the grid, but also for island operation and island parallel operation. Especially in exposed areas (Hotels in the mountains) with unsufficient supply safety regarding electrical energy these CHP plants are a competitive alternative to Diesel gensets.

    By IET Energy GmbH based in Villach, AUSTRIA. from Delivery Program Product line

  • CRISTEC - Model RCE - Electronic Battery Isolators

    The RCE MOSFET electronic battery isolators are some electronic devices designed to direct the charging current to several batteries while preventing current from flowing from one battery to another. The DC input power source may be an alternator, a charger, a wind turbine, a solar panel, a hydrogenator, etc. The load distributors have a ...

    By CRISTEC based in Quimper, FRANCE. from Electronic Battery Isolators Product line

  • one4all Heizschrank - Heating System

    The requirements for energy-efficient heating. Energy efficient heating. The simple boiler efficiency is only part of the all over efficiency of a heating system. The different requirements and the new tasks of alternative energy integration set the need for an all over view of the whole system. A good match of the different components in the ...

    By Olymp Werk GmbH based in Ötztal-Bahnhof, AUSTRIA.

  • SBE - Integrated IGBT Inverter Modules

    SBE has been partnering with worldwide leaders such as Methode Electronics and Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH to develop fully integrated sub-system solutions for the power electronics industry.

    By SBE, Inc. based in Barre, VERMONT (USA).

  • Lead Acid Flooded Battery

    Flooded lead acid batteries have the longest track record in solar electric use and are still used in the majority of stand-alone alternative energy systems. They have the longest life and the least cost per amp-hour of any of the choices. However the other side of the coin is, in order to enjoy these advantages, they require regular maintenance ...

    By The Alternative Energy Store, LLC based in Boxborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Deep Cycle Batteries Product line

  • Solar Panels

    Solar takes advantage of a free and powerful energy source – the sun. Solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity, just like that! A simple, clean and cost-effective way to power our lives. It’s dependable, too – because unlike fossil fuels, the sun’s energy is unlimited. And you don’t need to ...

    By Solarcentury Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Euro-Green - Remote and Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

    Off-grid solar systems offer a world of new energy opportunities in places where traditional power lines are too impractical or too expensive.  Euro Green Energy is a  leading solar company in engineering, building and maintaining off-grid solutions.

    By Euro Green Energy (ECE) based in Timișoara, ROMANIA. from Renewable Energy - Solar Energy Solutions Product line

  • Phoenix - Model 40 - Waste Oil Electrical Generator

    The Phoenix-40 is the next generation of technology that is capable of utilizing waste oil products, such as used motor/equipment oil, to produce electricity for transfer to the power grid. Utilizing the award-wining, clean burning Cyclone Mark V External Combustion Engine, preliminary designs rate the P-40 generator system as producing upwards of ...

    By Phoenix Power Group LLC based in Cordova, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Aegir Dynamo - Electrical Generator

    Ocean Navitas’ technology is called The Aegir Dynamo. The name is derived from the name for the Norse god of the sea ‘Ægir’ and the definition of a dynamo ‘an electrical generator’. The Aegir Dynamo functions in a unique fashion by generating electrical current from the motion of the prime mover in one phase via ...

    By Ocean Navitas Ltd based in Rugby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AC Container

    Innovative, energy efficient, and green, the AC Container is designed for large Commercial, Industrial and Utilities Facilities. It is scalable from 500 kWh to 3 MWh per container.  The AC Container is compatible with alternate energy technologies, and has built-in Lighting, HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems. Whether your looking to load ...

    By Energport, Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Maarky - Solar Power Plant Heat Exchangers

    The pressing need to lower emissions from fossil power plants has focused worldwide attention on renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants have emerged as strong contenders for alternate sources of energy.  Rapid advances in mirror technology have slowly but steadily ...

    By Maarky Thermal Systems based in Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Solar Power Plant Heat Exchangers

    The pressing need to lower emissions from fossil power plants has focused worldwide attention on renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants have emerged as strong contenders for alternate sources of energy. Rapid advances in mirror technology have slowly but steadily narrowed the ...

    By Brad Thompson Company based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Heat Exchangers Product line

  • Multi-Chamber Biogas Reactor

    Based on our patented technology, we have developed a highly effective biofilm multi chamber reactor at a low cost. A 30 m3 reactor may handle up to 2.200 tonnes a year of food waste or cow manure, only 5 - 7 days of decomposition, up to 98% utilization of the methane potential.. This represents a paradigm ...

    By Antec Biogas As based in Oslo, NORWAY.

  • JTC Valve - Alternative Fuel Valves

    Meet the growing need of CNG and propylene market with Sherwood’s alternate fuel valves available at JTC Valve sales.  The alternate fuel valves are designed and manufactured Sherwood keeping in mind your safety.

    By JTC Valve Sales LLC based in Mayfield Heights, OHIO (USA). from Valves Product line

  • Ultra TTP - Portable Transit Time Flow and Energy Meter

    The TTP features technology to provide for a precise, and reliable ultrasonic clamp on flow and energy meter.

    By MTA Messtechnik GmbH based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA. from Water Control Systems - Measurements and Sensors Product line

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