Backup Power

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  • Backup Power Generator For Emergencies

    Backup Power Generator For Emergencies

    In recent years, Americans have realized the importance of a backup power generator to keep their family safe and comfortable during an emergency. Powerful natural disasters like tropical storms and hurricanes can leave you and your family in the dark for days and sometimes weeks.The aging electrical infrastructure can also cause power outages for lengths of time. A backup power generator is ...

  • Dongjin Small Series Battery

    Dongjin Small Series Battery

    Dongjin group provide offers a complete selection of sealed lead acid batteries. The small series batteries are ranged from 0.8AH to 33AH. With stable quality and affordable cost, our small batteries ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • The Capstone System

    The Capstone System

    It`s about the size of a refrigerator and generates 30 kilowatts of electricity - enough to power a small business. The Capstone MicroTurbine is based on the same technology as a jet engine - but integrates patented air bearing and proprietary software with state-of-the-art electronics. The result: a versatile, reliable, environmentally beneficial solution for power generation that is virtually ...