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  • Hydrogen plays a key role in the European Green Deal

    Hydrogen plays a key role in the European Green Deal

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen launched the European Green Deal last Wednesday, on 11 December. The goal is ambitious. If the European Green Deal becomes reality, the European Union will become climate neutral by 2050. To reach the goal, the EU will have to overturn almost every policy area. Europe inevitably needs hydrogen to reach this arduous goal. Looking at the ...

  • Clay Insulation Brick

    Clay Insulation Brick

    Diatomite brick is a kind of Clay Insulation brick. Thermal Insulation Bricks are high porosity refractories with low thermal conductivity and high porosity (no less than 45%) used to reduce heat ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Blast Furnace Stove Dome

    Blast Furnace Stove Dome

    A short wavelength infrared thermometer system specifically designed for high-precision, and rapid non-contact temperature measurements of the refractories inside blast furnace stoves. The application-specific Stove Dome (SD) system uses AMETEK Land’s advanced infrared radiation thermometer technology to monitor refractory temperatures around the stove dome or hot blast main.