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  • Gas engines for resiliency of site operation

    Gas engines for resiliency of site operation

    The choice to deploy a combined heat and power (CHP) system, utilising reciprocating gas engines, is often an investment decision to help drive cost and carbon savings to an organisation, whose focus is not traditionally, power generation. ...

  • Economics of tiny thermal power plants

    Economics of tiny thermal power plants

    Thermal power plants is the main source of energy and electricity in India and almost all countries of the world. Most of the giant thermal power plants have capacity of 500MW to 1000 MW. Investment ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Boiler Thermocouple Assemblies

    Boiler Thermocouple Assemblies

    TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies are specially designed to withstand the highly erosive conditions found in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers. These rugged assemblies are installed throughout the Combustor Section, Cyclone Inlets, Cyclone Outlets and in the Coal/Ash Feed Lines. They provide critical temperature inputs to the Fluidized Bed Supervisory System for indication, control & safety. TTEC ...

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  • ACHEMA 2021

    ACHEMA 2021

    ACHEMA is the world forum for chemical engineering, process engineering, and biotechnology. Every three years, the world’s major fair for the process industry attracts exhibitors from all over the world to present new products, processes, and services to professionals. The exhibition`s spectrum ranges from laboratory equipment, pumps and analytical devices to packagin