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  • Proper Valve Trim Extends Life of Boiler Feedwater Valves

    In competitive power markets, combined cycle facilities are experiencing more operating cycles than owners initially planned for at the design stage. It’s not uncommon for a combined cycle plant to experience more than 250 starts per year these days.While the ability to cycle a large combined cycle plant is ideal for fleet flexibility, frequent startups and shutdowns strain many critical ...

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  • Watertube Boiler Cleaning Equipment

    Watertube Boiler Cleaning Equipment

    The compact and powerful AWT-100 Air Powered Tube Cleaner is ideal for all types of tube cleaning applications including water tube boiler cleaning and others, where the use of electricity is not available or desirable. It features variable torque and speed controls to match the type of deposit in cleaning virtually any tube/pipe diameter and length. Flexible shafts and accessories are available ...