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  • Air Source Heat Pumps Guide

    Using similar technology to that in your refrigerator, an air source heat pump is able to absorb ambient heat from the outside air and deliver it into your home for use with heating systems and in domestic hot water. Here we look at how they work, how to tell if your home is suitable and some of the considerations you’ll need to take into account.How do air source heat pump

  • Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work in the UK?

    The simple answer to this question is probably, yes, air source heat pumps do work in the UK. It might be more accurate, however, to say that air source heat pumps can work in the UK. It ...


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  • Industrial Energy & Heat Recovery Solutions

    Industrial Energy & Heat Recovery Solutions

    Every energy demand is unique, as is every energy-efficiency improvement opportunity. At Anguil, our track record includes an ability to blend time-tested, standard products with innovative, custom engineered solutions. We design, manufacture, and install energy recovery systems that decrease your energy consumption, reduce operating costs and maximize return on investment.