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Building Energy equipment for Energy Management

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    Electricity Peaking Stations

    Electricity peaking stations,  also called peak-lopping plants, are power plants designed to help balance the fluctuating power requirements of the electricity grid. Clarke Energy is able to offer a range of rapid response gas-fuelled power stations. These plants are ideally suited to peaking reserve, power and grid support applications.

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Natural Gas Product line

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    Spire Metering - Model TP10, TP40 - Clamp-on BTU Meter

    Non-intrusive BTU energy measurement. Easy clamp-on installation. No pipe work required. Proven robust and accurate. Maintenance-free design with no moving parts to wear out. Multi-path ultrasonic technology for increased accuracy and reduced straight pipe run requirement. Signal quality tracking technology for reliable performance. Surface-mount ...

    By Spire Metering Technology based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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    Model MS-57 - Pyrheliometer

    The new MS-57 pyrheliometer was inspired by the latest development of the MS-80 pyranometer, enabling a breakthrough
 in unprecedented low thermal offset behavior and 
fast thermopile response (< 0.2s / 95%). MS-57 First Class is a direct normal incidence (DNI) solar irradiance sensor. Also known as a pyrheliometer, it is used as a ...

    By EKO Instruments based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solar Energy - Pyrheliometers Product line

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    TodaySure Matthews - Energy Recovery Systems

    Over recent years companies and organisations of all sizes have been diligently researching new ways of reducing costs and improving the efficiency of their industrial processes. One of the ways we can help companies to achieve these goals is to utilise the heat generated by the incineration process through Energy Recovery Systems in order to ...

    By Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd. based in Hyde, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Incinerators Product line

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    Spire Metering - Model SpireMag T-MAG - Electromagnetic BTU Meter

    Spire Metering’s T-MAG electromagnetic BTU meter is designed to accurately measure the heat or cold energy of a water heating/cooling circuit. It is consisted of three parts, an electromagnetic flow sensor, a pair of temperature sensors and a main unit. The main unit is a powerful console which combines high accuracy flow measurement, ...

    By Spire Metering Technology based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from BTU Measurement Meters Product line

  • A.M.P. - Model AM 90 - Solar Modules

    Module AM90 is made of high quality materials from 36 pieces of 5' polycristaline cells. On the modules are integrated Tyco Electronics junction boxes with cables and multi connectors. These connectors enables to connect modules quickly and realiably. Cells are safely encapsulated with special EVA foil from well known producer Solutia and they are ...

    By A.M.P. Miran Pavlovec s.p based in Prestranek, SLOVENIA.

  • SolarDuct - Model PV/T - Hybrid Solar Heating + Electricity

    SolarWall PV/T is a hybrid system which provides up to 300% more energy (in the form of solar electricity + solar heat) than a conventional solar PV system.  The heat energy captured from the PV modules is ducted into the building’s HVAC system where it is used to displace the conventional heating load. The secondary benefit is to ...

    By Conserval Engineering Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • CleanPRS - Delivers Consistent Pressure Reduction System

    Clean Energy Compression CleanPRS delivers consistent pressure reduction, empowering customers worldwide to take advantage of tremendous cost-savings and environmental benefits of natural gas. Whether it’s boosting peak power or complete replacement of diesel and bunker fuel-based heat and power, the proven CleanPRS Pressure Reduction Module ...

    By Clean Energy based in Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from CNG Equipment Product line

  • A.M.P. - Model AM 120 - Solar Modules

    Module AM120 is made of high quality materials, from 36 6' polycristaline cells. On the moduls are integrated Tyco Electronics junction boxes with cables and multi connectors. These connectors enables to connect modules quickly and realiably. Cells are safely encapsulated with special EVA foil from well known producer Solutia and they are placed ...

    By A.M.P. Miran Pavlovec s.p based in Prestranek, SLOVENIA.

  • Solar Trackers

    We design and build 2 axis tracking systems (East - West & Inclination) for small to large size parks.

    By Kalepan Machine Ind. Ltd based in K. Polemidia, CYPRUS.

  • Model Sigma II - Open Terrain Solar PV Panel Ground Mounting System

    The Sigma II is a dual post mounting system for building larger solar PV panel tables. Options include multiple rows of panels in portrait or landscape, a good selection of mounting feet options including steel posts, ground screws and base plates.

    By In Balance Energy Ltd based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ground Solar PV Panel Mounting Systems Product line

  • RESOL DeltaSol - Model BX Plus - Solar Controller

    The system controller is equipped with 5 relay outputs and 9 sensor inputs, connections for digital Grundfos direct Sensors, and PWM outputs for speed control of energy-saving high-efficiency pumps. With the integrated SD card slot, logging system data and updating the firmware is possible. Additional accessories as well as up to two em extension ...

    By Resol GmbH based in Hattingen, GERMANY. from Solar and Heating Controllers Product line

  • Energy Efficient Building Structures Systems

    Energy Efficient Buildings, Building Panel Construction, Product Range, Panel Sizes, Assembly and Relocatable: Highly Energy Efficient Buildings

    By EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Inc.
 based in Welland, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Arcticpeak - Model 210L - Solar DC12-24V Fridge Freezer

    The Arcticpeak 210 Litre Fridge Freezer is built with durability in mind using polyurethane insulation.. It has a precisely engineered built in anti discharge battery module with interior coated steel cabinets with enough capacity to cope with day to day needs. This unit's low energy consumption means it only needs a small photovoltaic (PV) system ...

    By Light By Solar Global based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Refridgerators and Freezers Product line

  • ConsERV - Fixed-Plate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

    HVAC products create a new generation of heating/cooling equipment, eliminating emissions from fluorocarbon refrigerant (CFC/HCFC) commonly used in HVAC and refrigeration. ConsERV & NanoAir HVAC present the opportunities for market leadership with breakthrough technology. Dais’ value proposition for the ConsERV & NanoAir HVAC ...

    By Dais Analytic Corporation based in Odessa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Solar Module

    Positive Tolerence: Strict quality control guarantee higher average power output according to postive tolerance -0/+4.99wp. Product Warranty: Pursuant to warranty, product quality ensure 10 years. Efficiency: Using single-crystal eel, the relative efficiency of a small module generated Peak efficiency. Sorting: Al modules of Hansol Technics are ...

    By Hansol Technics Co. Ltd based in Jung-gu. Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • SISIPAC - Substation automation & Integration systems

    The management of electric utilities is based on a wide use of communication and informatic systems for collection and process of real time data.That has been made available thanks to the improvement in new technologies, the multiplication of the use of  IED’s, the progress in data communications and the arrival of new serial data ...

    By SEPAC Corporation based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Substation Automation & Integration Systems Product line

  • ValkDouble, ValkTriple and ValkQuattro - Solar Mounting System

    The ValkDouble, ValkTriple and ValkQuattro of Van der Valk Solar Systems are practical and universal solar mounting systems developed specifically for use on ‘unusual’ flat roofs, such as extension roofs or shed roofs, garages or apartment buildings. These systems in the shape of a ramp are ideal in places that are not big enough to ...

    By Van der Valk Solar Systems BV based in LP Monster, NETHERLANDS.

  • Lightway - Model P1495X990 Series - Solar Modules

    Positive Tolerance 0-5W.Provides our customers with maximum power output.Electric Current Classification.Lightway can classify solar modules based on the value of each module's electric current for customers.Three bus bars ensure high power output of solar modules.Excellent weak light performance.Robust Aluminum Frames (40/50mm).Designed for long ...

    By Lightway Green New Energy Co.,Ltd. based in Gaobeidian, CHINA.

  • Low Energy Lighting

    Low energy lighting can significantly cut CO₂ emissions and also make large savings off electricity running costs. Types of low energy lighting include Induction Lighting and LED Lighting. LED Lighting not only reduces running costs but it also has the added advantage of reducing maintenance costs due to an average luminaire lasting ...

    By Scenergy Limited based in Louth, UNITED KINGDOM.

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