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  • Industrial Furnace Accessories from Thermcraft

    Industrial Furnace Accessories from Thermcraft

    With years of experience at the forefront of the thermal processing industry, the team at Thermcraft continues to strive for the latest and greatest in heat-treating tools and technologies such as industrial furnace accessories. Using both our current and classic heating creations as a starting point to come up with specified and customized machines, we pride ourselves on being able to blend ...


  • The power of Nutriscore

    The power of Nutriscore

    A trip to the grocery store used to be a careless experience. We would zigzag up and down the isles, often discovering suitable and healthy products along the way. But ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, grocery hauls have been reduced to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Industrial Chamber Furnace

    Industrial Chamber Furnace

    The robust construction of LCF industrial chamber furnaces makes them ideal for applications such as the heat treatment of steels and alloy, ceramics sintering and aerospace heat treatment.