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  • Proper Valve Trim Extends Life of Boiler Feedwater Valves

    In competitive power markets, combined cycle facilities are experiencing more operating cycles than owners initially planned for at the design stage. It’s not uncommon for a combined cycle plant to experience more than 250 starts per year these days.While the ability to cycle a large combined cycle plant is ideal for fleet flexibility, frequent startups and shutdowns strain many critical ...


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  • Stream Simulations Heat Exchangers

    Stream Simulations Heat Exchangers

    THERMO-GAS Heat Exchangers work optimally if the constant flow of gasses into the heat exchanger is guaranteed. In case of unfavourable assembly conditions, we have made tests and measurements so far in order to optimise stream conditions. Due to the increased requirements on the performance of heat exchangers as well as expanded application areas it has become necessary to achieve optimised ...