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Combustion Plants equipment for Energy Management

  • Combustion Systems

    Realise your environmental, efficiency and operational goals with our precision combustion systems for cleaner, greener NOx(Nitrogen Oxides) reduction. From combustion system trouble shooting and optimisation to a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) NOx reduction capability, you can trust in our experience and global capabilities. ...

    By Doosan Power Systems based in Crawley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Combustion Systems Product line

  • District Heating Plant

    Many of our customers are district heating operators where efficiency and environmental constraints are the key factors for low operating costs. In these systems we try to, in most cases, build in a gas condenser to increase the efficiency of the plant. The advantage of this is low emissions and if the regulatory requirements are extremely high ...

    By Jernforsen Energi System AB based in Halmstad, SWEDEN.

  • Weiss - Biomass Combustion Plants

    Weiss Biomass combustion plants are designed to burn many types of biomass fuels such as wood chips, straw, pellets, agricultural residues, etc. Combustion technology converts biomass fuels into several forms of useful energy for industrial or commercial use: hot air, hot water, steam and electricity.

    By Weiss A/S based in Hadsund, DENMARK.

  • Eko - Pyrolysis Plant

    This short description underlines some topics to sustain pyrolysis gas “synthesis gas or syn-gas” or also called “ gas from molecular dissociation”, as renewable energy source with low impact on the environment and remarkable benefits for the community.

    By Eko Technology S.r.l. based in Lucrezia di Cartoceto (PU), ITALY.

  • Innovative CHP Technologies

    The utilisation of new biomass fuels and the development of next generation combustion systems should provide the basis for more cost efficient heat as well as combined heat and power production from biomass in the future. However, the CHP technologies presently available on the market are restricted to the large (steam cycles for plants >2 ...

    By BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Innovative CHP Technologies Product line

  • Rotary Machines Systems

    ITAS designs and realises heating systems – turn key - for drying or treatment of the air, using recycle systems that allow both consumptions and emission volumes reduction, with consequent increasing of VOC concentration. These systems permit the reduction of operating and investment costs for the plant incharged of emission purification in ...

    By Fives I.T.A.S. s.p.a. based in Monza, ITALY. from Rotary Machines Systems Product line

  • Ecochimica - Model CR Series - Combustion Plant Regenerative Combustion Plant

    Operating Principals: The plant basically consists of three vertical chambers filled of high thermal capacity ceramic material (a preheating inlet gas chamber, a heat recovery of purified gas from combustion chamber and a cleaning chamber with fresh air) and a combustion chamber with modulating burner that connect up the 3 chambers. The gas with ...

    By Ecochimica s.r.l. based in Creazzo (VICENZA), ITALY. from Combustion Plant Regenerative Combustion Plant Product line

  • Vulcan Heat Generator

    The heat generator Vulcan is designed mainly to operate inside an air flow and is employed in numerable type of plants, such as: in the ceramics and bricks industry, in the chemical and textile sectors. It is made up of a self-standing electro-welded structure in sheet material fitted with supporting elements, connecting flanges and mechanism for ...

    By AAK Service Srl based in Piovera (Alessandria), ITALY. from Vulcan Heat Generator Product line

  • For.Tec. - Model FT - Crematory Ovens

    Crematory ovens mod. FT have been designed with an innovative technique which allows to maximize the cremation process, thanks to finest refractory materials and systems for heat recovery and reutilization which otherwise would be lost in the atmosphere.

    By For. Tec. Forniture Tecnologiche S.r.l. based in Sparanise (CE), ITALY. from Crematory Ovens Product line

  • Model PE Series - Louvre Damper

    Rectangular regulating or isolating damper. Options include a single louvre on a central shaft or multiple interconnected louvres, depending on the size of the damper. Available with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or manual actuator. Depending on the sealing system, varying levels of tightness can be obtained (95% -100 %). Suitable for low ...

    By Orbinox based in Anoeta, SPAIN. from Louvre Damper Product line

  • Biogasmart - Model EMR - Advanced - Flare Stack

    EMR-Advanced flare is a safety device typically installed in biomass plants where there are no specific restrictions relevant to fumes exhaust height, minimum combustion temperature, and a partially visible flame is accepted. All the equipment is fitted on-board, contained in a stainless steel frame which simple design and small footprint allow ...

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY. from Advanced - Flare Stack Product line

  • Dall Energy - Biomass Furnace

    The Dall Energy biomass furnace combines updraft gasification and gas combustion. Hereby several advantages are achieved: The plant becomes simpler and cheaper, the emissions are reduced and the furnace can regulate between 10-100%.

    By Dall Energy based in Hørsholm, DENMARK.

  • Next Generation Combustion Systems

    The second major research field is the development of next generation combustion systems with the central aim to further increase efficiencies and decrease emissions, moving towards near zero emission operation. The R&D strategy focuses on the development of modular concepts of biomass furnaces and boilers.

    By BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Next Generation Combustion Systems Product line

  • Conveco - Model C - Compact Biogas Extraction and Combustion Plant

    Plant available as a compact version on a painted or hot galvanized carbon steel frame; the filter, intake manifold and outlet manifold are in stainless steel. The combustion flare is in stainless steel and lined covered internally with ceramic fibre. Primary combustion air adjustment is manual. Ignition is automatic through the main control panel ...

    By Conveco S.r.l. based in Brescia, ITALY.

  • Fibre Optic Lances

    Fibre optic lances come prevent the installation of the scanner on the burner plate mainly to power plant burners used where burner internals, very long torch designs or swiveling burner. To monitor the operation of the burner with high availability in accordance with the safety regulations, it is advantageous to detect the flame radiation of the ...

    By BFI Automation GmbH based in Ratingen, GERMANY.

  • GRIDFIRE - Direct Air Heating Burner

    Modular designed system for direct heating of process air for dryer and post combustion plants. GRIDFIRE-moduls are available in straight, T- and X-shape for capacities starting at 160 kW. The combination of the moduls makes burner capacities up to 25 MW and more possible.

    By IBS Industrie-Brenner-Systeme GmbH based in Hagen, GERMANY. from Direct Air Heating Burner Product line

  • Industrial Combustion Pilot Plant

    Climate protection and plant efficiency; Lack of resources and progressively increasing fuel prices – Climate protection and stricter environmental specifications. These are just a few of the challenges for which future economical solutions in the area of firing technology are required. The efficiency of technical firing plants gives ...

    By Körting Hannover AG based in Hannover, GERMANY. from Industrial Combustion Pilot Plant Product line

  • Natural Gas Liquids Recovery System

    Natural gas liquids recovery allows the processor to separate and purify heavier hydrocarbons from natural gas. Heavier hydrocarbons are more likely to condense into liquids under pressure in a pipeline, slowing the flow and increasing the wear on the piping. Extracted hydrocarbons, such as propane, butane, and naphtha, can be sold more profitably ...

    By Sep-Pro Systems, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model Based Regulation Plants (MBR)

    Polytechnik is currently the only provider of a functioning model-based plant regulation worldwide. A programmable logic controller (PLC), which translates oxygen inflows, combustion chamber temperature, flue gas recirculation, gas and combustion air temperature, material quantity and humidity, inlet and return flow temperature, steam and system ...

    By Polytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH based in Weissenbach (NÖ), AUSTRIA.

  • Fluidised Bed Combustion Systems

    Stationary fluidised bed combustion systems are universally applicable due to their fuel-oriented versatility using slurry, waste and hard coal, and the possibility of incinerating various fuels at the same time. Fluidised bed combustion systems have a simpler design and are thus low cost. Using fluidised beds is more difficult than operating a ...

    By ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Fluidised Bed Combustion Systems Product line

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