Combustion Technology

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The True Spark Lies in Clarke Energy

    The True Spark Lies in Clarke Energy

    Clarke Energy is an authorised supplier of genuine gas and diesel engine spare parts in many countries across the globe. We proudly maintain stock of over $4m of INNIO Jenbacher and KOHLER spare parts throughout the South Pacific.At Clarke Energy we pride ourselves on integrity, delivering o

  • Gas Analysers for Fuel Cell Research

    Electrochemical fuel cells are envisaged as a potential successor technology to combustion engines in the automotive sector. Although studies have considered numerous gaseous elements as the fuel ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Overfire Air (OFA) Systems

    Overfire Air (OFA) Systems

    Overfire Air (OFA) systems divert a portion of the combustion air away from the primary combustion zone. Our CCA Combustion Systems brand Overfire Air system, deeply stages combustion for enhanced nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction. By utilizing a unique port design to ensure advantageous air and fuel mixing, our OFA system can minimize NOx, achieving 30-40% reductions beyond low NOx burners. We ...