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Combustion Technology equipment for Energy Management

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    AEREON - Model Q-DEC - Quad O Designed Enclosed Combustor

    With the roll out of Quad O regulations in the USA, crude/condensate tank batteries and well pads are required to conform to reduced emission levels if they have the potential to emit over 6 tons of VOC per annum. One of the three emission control end-of-line devices can be used: Flares, Enclosed Combustors or VRUs. The QDEC Enclosed Combustor ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Quad O Designed Enclosed Combustor Product line

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    AEREON - Model 245 - Flame Front Generator Pilot

    The Model 245 Fuel Efficient Flare Pilot is a high alloy, stainless steel pilot composed of fuel gas line, ignition line, inspirator and optional thermocouple. The pilot head assembly includes a 310 stainless steel flame retention nozzle and wind shroud for extended service life capable of sustaining a stable flame in winds of up to 150 mph. Fuel ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Flame Front Generator Pilot Product line

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    AEREON - Air-Assist Flares for the Shale Play

    Air-assisted flares are comprised of two risers (waste gas and air) and a blower system that provides supplemental combustion air. Air is fed by the blower into the air riser, to combine with the process gas, which passes through its own secondary riser. Upon mixing, the high-pressure air flow causes turbulence in the waste gas stream, improving ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Air-Assist Flares for the Shale Play Product line

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    AEREON - Gas-Assist Flares for the Shale Play

    Gas-assisted flares are flares that use an additional source of fast-moving gas at the flare tip to mix with the waste gas and create additional turbulence to ensure adequate mixing with air, which in turn provides for smokeless combustion. Typically utilized when you have a readily available source of natural gas, and a preference to not use a ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Gas-Assist Flares for the Shale Play Product line

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    AEREON - Dynamic (Velocity) Purge Seal

    The dynamic (velocity) seal is a simple innovation which ensures significant cost savings over time. The reverse conical baffle design reduces flow area in the flare tip while simultaneously increasing purge gas velocity. In combination with the dynamic seal, a constant flow of purge gas will maintain a seal in flare system, ensuring that air ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Dynamic (Velocity) Purge Seal Product line

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    AEREON - Knockout Drum

    Whenever a process requires that entrained droplets be removed from a vapor stream, a knockout drum should be integrated into the system. Condensation can occur when hot process gases cool considerably in the flare gas header and riser, and some gases also go to dew point at ambient temperatures and pressures and can therefore generate liquids. ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Knockout Drum Product line

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    AEREON - Tail Gas Incinerators

    Hydrogen sulfide or H2S is a lethal gas generated in refineries, petrochemical plants, and gas handling facilities. Sulfur recovery units produce tail gases that contain relatively substantial amounts of H2S. AEREON designs a special type of incinerator, designed to eliminate the H2S components, while inhibiting the creation of corrosive acid ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Tail Gas Incinerators Product line

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    AEREON - Fully Enclosed Combustors

    AEREON's full enclosed combustors meet or exceed the most stringent destruction efficiency standards. Our products are designed with automatic starting and stopping and operate with a wide range of products with no smoke or visible flame.

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Fully Enclosed Combustors Product line

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    AEREON - Utility Flares for the Shale Play

    Utility flares are one of the most common and basic flare systems. Utility flares are employed in applications which do not require smokeless burning or in applications where smokeless flaring can be achieved without the use of an additional assist medium. Utility flares therefore, do not require auxiliary gas streams such as steam or air; two ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Utility Flares for the Shale Play Product line

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    AEREON - Flame Front Generators (FFG)

    Flame front generators are effective, time proven ignition systems which have been widely used in flaring applications for decades. The inherent reliability, rugged construction, ease of operation, and its economic advantages have allowed the flame front generator (FFG) to remain one of the most popular forms of pilot ignition in the industry. The ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Flame Front Generators (FFG) Product line

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    Steel Production Gas & Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power

    High levels of power requirement and rising energy costs represent a major challenge for the steel industry. Gases created as a ‘free’ by-product during steel production processes serve as an attractive energy source option for efficient power generation. In addition to the economic benefit, using these gases as engine fuel reduced ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Steel Production Gas & Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power Product line

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    GPE - Model 13120 - Hydraulic Controller

    The Model 13120 Hydraulic Controller (servo valve) is specifically designed for any control system applications that require high performance hydraulic control or continuous servo valve actuation. The Dynaguide* Hydraulic Controller accepts electrical or pneumatic signal inputs from primary sensors. This signal is converted into a powerful ...

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering) based in Hillside, ILLINOIS (USA). from Hydraulic Controller Product line

  • C-nox - Model HTV Support - High-Temperature Flares

    High-Temperature Flares for environmentally compatible combustion, lean gases require added support gas, such as natural gas or propane. Here again, the controlled gas/air ratio ensures the required combustion temperature of >1000 °C inside the combustion chamber. As a variation from the standard technology, in this flare type the required ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • HOFGAS - Model CFM4c - Coal Mine Methane Flare

    The HOFGAS-CFM4c high temperature flare provides safe and environmentally-friendly combustion of coal mine gas. The exhaust gas emissions meet the stringent requirements with destruction efficiency > 99.95% in relation to methane gas. This is achieved with combustion temperatures between 1’000 - 1’200°C and a defined residence ...

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Coal Mine Methane Flare Product line

  • Tamult - Model PreBio - Biomass and Wastes Combustion System

    Biomass (bark, wood chips, sawdust, shavings, cut offs), wood wastes and peat fired combustion systems 1 - 40 MWt with moisture content of fuels Wt=30 up to 64%. Power generation systems for solid renewable biomass fuels require much efforts. These fuels are often very wet and depending on their origin, their characteristics and fractions may vary ...

    By AS Tamult Bioenergy based in Viimsi Vald, ESTONIA. from Biomass and Wastes Combustion System Product line

  • Use of Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology for Power Generation

    Combustion within a circulating atmospheric fluidized bed (CFB) has proved its efficiency for many years and distinguishes itself by both flexibility with respect to feedstock and a high level of environmental acceptability. Thanks to the additional feed of lime stone, sulphur dioxide produced during the combustion process is absorbed to a degree ...

  • Kipor - Model IG2600H - Digital Sinemaster Generator

    The IG2600H is equipped with a convenient retractable pull-pipe and handle assy. and rear wheels making it very easy to transport and move around the camp site. The IG2600HP also offers parallel accommodation.  With a rated output of 2,300 watts, it provides plenty of clean power to operate a number of different ...

    By Kipor Power Equipment based in Clackamas, OREGON (USA). from Digital Sinemaster Generator Product line

  • Waste2Tricity - Proven Technology

    Waste2Tricity advances EfW deployment projects that use the proven high temperature gasification process to generate syngas (synthesis or energy gas) to power efficient and proven internal combustion engines (ICE) or gas turbines (GT) to generate electrical power.

    By Waste2Tricity based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Controlled Pyrolysis Ovens

    PCPC's Controlled Pyrolysis models have a highly effective patented system that anticipates and prevents overheating. The ovens have a highly sensitive control system for added protection and operational flexibility. These furnaces can remove the same combustible materials as Dry Cleaner models, but in greater quantities: 2% to 15% by weight.

    By Pollution Control Products Co. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • BLAGO - Model TT - Pyrolysis Heat Generator

    Company Greenpower has been dealing with the development and production of thermotechnical equipment for more than 10 years. The company products became widespread in the CIS countries and beyond their borders as well.

    By GreenPower based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE.

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