District Heating

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  • Heat Exchanger Package/Skid

    Accessen GU series heat exchanger package is a complete set of district heating control equipment integrated with the plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, makeup pump, thermometer, pressure gauge, various sensors, piping, valves, and industrial controls. Electrophoresis coating provides a uniformed finish on the inside of the pipelines and welding seams which in turn also greatly improves the ...


  • Switch2 Energy celebrates double success with Fife Council

    Switch2 Energy celebrates double success with Fife Council

    The Fife framework is used by local authorities and registered social housing providers across Scotland and England to ensure value for money, quality and compliance when procuring technologies and services for community and district heating ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multi-jet Heat Energy Meter Package

    Multi-jet Heat Energy Meter Package

    A heat energy meter package for HVAC and building services that includes a wall mounted heat energy calculator together with a mechanical, inline, multijet water meter. The water meters have WRAS approval, are suitable for cold and hot water up to 90 degrees C and for pipe sizes from 15 to 50 mm.


Upcoming Events

  • Sustainable District Energy Conference

    Sustainable District Energy Conference

    District Cooling and Heating: Countries consider how to meet their commitments and goals regarding climate change district heating and cooling has become a major consideration in lowering carbon emissions. Approximately 50% of energy consumption in the EU comes from space heating and cooling. Heating represents the largest part of this load and by transitioning away from fossil fuels towards ...

Sustainable District Energy Conference

Oct. 22rd - 24th | Reykjavik