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  • Evacuated Tube Collectors
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    Evacuated Tube Collectors

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd

    HP400 is a highly efficient Heat Pipe collector, HP400 is a `Dry System` recommended especially for domestic use. The dry connection between manifold and tubes means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced, without ...

  • Ultraviolet Systems for Domestic
    Showcase Product

    Ultraviolet Systems for Domestic

    By Aquamatch Turkey

    Ultraviolet Systems (UV) are used for disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection method is a quick and effective method to kill the microorganisms without using heat or any chemicals. UV lamps produce certain wavelength ...

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  • R3 Magazine

    R3 covers all that relates to eco-building – from the latest commercial enterprises, (such as town centre regeneration projects, recycling, s

  • Solar Cell Technology and Applications

    Solar Cell Technology and Applications

    Solar cell technology will not realize its full potential until mass scale photovoltaic conversion for domestic, commercial, and industrial ...