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  • University of Nations - Kona Hawaii - Case Study

    Rooftop (Commercial) - Size: 226KW - GxB 360W The University of Nations located in Kona, Hawaii is a professional commercial project that helped us earn our place in the sun — installing our systems in a University will potentially lead to the awareness of clean, renewable energy in young students who attend the Kona campus. The Situation The custo


  • How to Arc Weld

    Shielded Metal arc welding is the process of joining two metal pieces using a flux covered electrode which is melted can an electrical arc and becomes a fused section of the pieces being welded. This composition will mean the use of flux-coated ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Power One Inverter

    Power One Inverter

    PVI-3000-OUTD inverters manufactured in Italy has a maximum efficiency of 97%. Maximum recommended PV power 3500W. Voltage range 156-530V. 97% efficiency.