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Energy Harvesting equipment for Energy Management

  • Tadiran - Model TLI Series - Batteries For Long-term

    The TLI series is specifically designed for long-term use in harsh environments and represents an important breakthrough in rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology. Standard rechargeable lithium-ion cells have inherent drawbacks, including short operating life (maximum 5 years), low maximum cycle life (1000 cycles), high self-discharge (up to ...

    By Tadiran Batteries GmbH based in Büdingen, GERMANY.

  • AE - Model 500NX-1kV - Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants

    The AE 500NX-1kV is specifically designed to meet the requirements of utility-scale solar power plants with the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) investors demand and expect. Energy harvest is maximized with a peak efficiency of 98.2%. Fleet availability in excess of 99% ensures financial goals for the project are achieved.

    By Enchanted Solar based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA).

  • FastCAP - Reflowable Chip Ultracapacitor

    Power buffering for lithium-ion batteries, Power Loss Protection for SSDs.  Auxiliary Power Supply for Peak Power, Wireless Sensors, Energy Harvesting, Pulsed Power

    By FastCAP Systems Corporation based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Rigid ENERGY Harvester

    Sheetwork frame with casing, in H.L.E. sheetwork. Original rear grid. Large diameter harvesting bars (patented). Driven by a rasp bar in treated steel (reinforced front bearings, with grease nipples). 'Cutter' or 'gear' type bars (4 x 1/2 cutterbars + 4 x 1/2 clamps) as preferred. Opening with rim at the top of the plate to avoid any jamming. ...

    By IDASS based in Ormes, FRANCE. from Maize Harvester Product line

  • RAY-MAX - Model 2 - Central Inverter Systems

    The RAY-MAX 2 Inverter is a state-of-the-art transformerless inverter that delivers up to 320kW (peak). Operating with DC string voltages up to 1000 V DC, the RAY-MAX® 2 Inverter provides maximum energy production with best in class efficiency. Additional benefits include reduced power loss in wiring and up to 26% ...

    By Nextronex - Solar Inverters And Integrated Systems based in Norwalk,, OHIO (USA).

  • Smart - Model TS4-L - Platform Module

    The TS4 universal platform enables you to choose the exact options you need for any given project or customer, from safety features to module-level diagnostics and maximized energy harvest. The TS4-B and TS4-R universal baseplates can be matched with one of several TS4 covers containing the application ...

    By Tigo Energy, Inc. based in Los Gatos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solar Optimizers Product line

  • OPT - Model PB3 - Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

    OPT’s PB3 can act as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) which constantly recharges itself by harvesting energy from the waves. It is ocean-deployed, moored and floats over the point of use and can operate in any ocean depth over 20 meters and up to 1,000 meters (1 km).

    By Ocean Power Technologies, Inc based in Pennington, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Model TS-MPPT-60 - Solar Charge Controller

    Maximizes Energy Harvest, Extremely High Reliability, Very High Efficiency - 99% of peak efficiency, Extensive Networking and Communication Capabilities, Metering and Data Logging

    By Dmsolar, LLC based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Off-Grid Product line

  • Biojack - Model 21 - Grapple

    Biojack grapples for energy wood harvesting. 10 years of grapplemanufacturing experience ensures highest quality,durable constructionand long lifespan. Weight 120 kg. Grapple opening 1370 mm.

    By Biojack Oy - Nummek Oys based in Perniö, FINLAND. from Grapples Product line

  • Biojack - Model 33E - Grapple

    Biojack grapples for energy wood harvesting. 10 years of grapplemanufacturing experience ensures highest quality,durable constructionand long lifespan. Weight 170 kg. Grapple opening 1455 mm.

    By Biojack Oy - Nummek Oys based in Perniö, FINLAND. from Grapples Product line

  • Risutec - Model L3A - Energy Wood Cutting Head

    Energy wood cutting head with clearance feature for productive contracting. Risutec L3A is for productive contracting, combining young stand tending and collecting energy wood with extremely fast cutting and multistemming features! Energy wood head Risutec L3A is designed for uncleared areas, where also the amount of energy wood is high. This way ...

    By Risutec Ltd based in Nakkila, FINLAND. from Cutting Products Product line

  • PowerWindows - Transparent Double Paned Windows

    PowerWindows are patented and transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity. In Europe governmental regulations have dictated that every commercial and governmental building construction or renovation has to be energy neutral by 2020. Given the fact average lead-time of such projects is 3-4 years, this is something ...

    By Physee based in Delft, NETHERLANDS.

  • Biojack - Model 110 - Energy Wood Grapple for Loaders

    The Biojack 110 energy wood grapple has powerful cutting capacity for a device of its size. It is perfectly suited for harvesting low-grade timber and energy wood, and is a nifty tool, for instance, for clearing fields and roadsides.

    By Biojack Oy - Nummek Oys based in Perniö, FINLAND. from Energy Wood Grapples Product line

  • Maxima - Model GxB 380T - Bifacial Module

    High Performance: Bifacial technology generates power from both the front and back faces of the module, resulting in up to 20% higher energy harvest (kWh). Our HCT cells packaged in framed double glass modules yield higher power and do not suffer from light-induced degradation (LID).

    By Sunpreme, Inc. based in Sunnyvale, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Framed Series Product line

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

    MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is a key technology to harvest the maximum amount of energy from a solar panel. As sunlight intensity varies depending on the climate, time of the day, and seasonal change, the output voltage and output current of the solar panel under the sun also changes.

    By Clean& Green Technology Co., Ltd based in Jhongjheng District, TAIWAN.

  • SparqLinq - Microinverter System

    Sparq is pleased to introduce the SparqLinq - part of a revolutionary, new microinverter system that will reset industry standards of low capital cost, ease of installation, high reliability, high energy harvest, and advanced grid functionaility.

    By Sparq Systems Inc. based in Kingston, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Biojack - Model 450EG BA90 - Heavy Duty Energy Wood Grapple

    A Biojack 1450EG energy wood grapple is an excellent tool for primary thinning, felling of trees in problem areas, clearing away windthrow, and harvesting energy timber. In municipal applications the grapple can be used, for instance, for clearing roadsides and parks. Due to the movable blade, felling and loading can both be performed without any ...

    By Biojack Oy - Nummek Oys based in Perniö, FINLAND. from Energy Wood Grapples Product line

  • Triex - Model U-Series SleekBlack - Solar Modules

    Silevo’s Triex U-Series SleekBlack solar modules incorporate 96 individual hybrid tunneling-junction solar cells which deliver high performance and reliability. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and utility-scale solar projects, U-Series modules can also be used in high performance residential applications.

    By Silevo Inc based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Triex Modules Product line

  • Photovoltaics Rooftop Systems

    The sun shines on your roof every day - free of charge! Use that energy to make money. Whether you prefer power grid integration or self consumption - with our years of expertise, we extensively advise you on the optimum utilization with the top returns of your photovoltaic rooftop system.

    By M. Münch Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG based in Weißenbrunn, GERMANY.

  • Model Q1000 - Microinverter

    Sparq is pleased to introduce the Q1000 - a revolutionary new microinverter that will reset industry standards. The Q1000 is not just the first 4-in-1,1000-Watt, microinverter on the market, it's the first microinverter to support smart grid functionality requirements.

    By Sparq Systems Inc. based in Kingston, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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