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Energy Resources equipment for Energy Management

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    Landustrie Landy - Hydropower Screw Turbines

    The new range of the Landustrie screw pump covers the hydropower screw turbines. An efficient use of water power is already achieved at a level difference of 1 meter and a capacity of 500 l/sec. The largest capacity and level difference for hydropower screws is as much as 15000 l/sec. at 10 meter.

    By Landustrie Sneek BV based in Sneek, NETHERLANDS. from Hydropower Product line

  • Model M-GES101 E092/M-GES105E092 - Solar Panels

    Fossile energy resources are limited – but locally produced renewables are the future. Choosing Manz means selecting a strong and reliable partner. Choosing the CIGSfab means selecting a mature business model for your investment.

    By Manz AG based in Reutlingen, GERMANY. from Solar Product line

  • ISWEC Tech - Gyroscopic System

    Wave Energy is a distributed, reliable and dense energy source. Much effort, financial and human resources has been invested in the development of Wave Energy with a particular peak in the past 10 years. The available quantity of energy is vast. Wave power is able to guarantee a continuous production of electricity, without showing a cyclical ...

    By Wave for Energy S.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY.

  • Rexroth - Model Hägglunds CBm - Radial Piston Motors

    Production demands are growing. But the timeframes are shrinking, along with the energy and resources to get the job done. Staying ahead is easier with the Hägglunds CBm direct drive from Bosch Rexroth.

    By Bosch Rexroth (formerly Hägglunds Drives) based in Mellansel, SWEDEN. from Radial Piston Motors Product line

  • Sinexcel - Model 200W - Energy Storage Inverters

    Shaves peak power and fills valley power, meeting dynamic user requ irements. Outputs power smoothly, improving the grid acceptance ratio.

    By Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. based in Nanshan, CHINA. from Energy Storage Product line

  • STE energy - MV Boards

    Based on its vast international experience, STE energy uses its own operating structures and resources to build medium voltage switchboards.

    By Sorgent.e Srl based in Padova, ITALY. from Electrical Product line

  • Gas extraction plants and syngas power plants to generate electrical and thermal energy

    AHT Syngas Technology NV designs and implements gas extraction plants and syngas power plants to generate electrical and thermal energy.We are your partner for decentralized power generation based on fossil and renewable energy sources Fossil and renewable energies will make a significant contribution to a demand-oriented supply of ...

    By A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. based in GERMANY.

  • Vman - Model 360kw - Natural Gas Generator

    Voltage: 380/220V. Frequency: 50Hz. Power Factor: 0.8. Pro tection: IP23. Insulation Class: HISO9001, ISO14001, O HSAS18001360KW. VMAN Natural Gas Generator Genset Model YDNV-360. Rated Power (Kw/KVA) 360/450. Rated Current. Developing distributed natural gas power generation system is an inevitable option to realize e nergy saving, emission ...

    By Weifang Yidaneng Power Co., Ltd. based in Binhai District, Weifang Cit, CHINA. from Biogas Engine Product line

  • Smart Micro-Grid System

    Smart Micro-Grid Systems are modern, small-scale versions of the distributed energy systems. Established by the community being served, Smart Micro-Grid Systems achieve specific local goals, such as reliability, carbon emissions reduction, diversification of energy sources, and cost reduction. Like the bulk power grid, Smart Micro-Grid Systems ...

    By Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd. based in Nanjing, CHINA. from Smart Micro-Grid Product line

  • Solar Advertising Board

    Easy for installment, free of ditching, arranging wires.. Zero cost, endless resource. Economic expenses, no need for grid. Operating conveniently, moving easily for light box. Safe operation, free of electric shock& fire. Long working life, easy to maintenance, switch automatically. Green energy resource, enviroment protecting. Made of ...

    By Weihai China Glass Solar Co., Ltd. based in Weihai, CHINA. from Solar Small System Product line

  • Commercial Energy Storage System

    Solar power is now accepted as part of the electricity production cycle as much as coal or nuclear power but is a much cleaner source. At the same time, the usage of electricity is growing every year and with the arrival of electric cars usage will be even bigger. Yet in most countries there is an imbalance on the country grids. Too much power at ...

    By Shanghai Dowell Technology Co. Ltd. based in Changzhou, CHINA. from Energy Transfer Application Product line

  • Xtreme Power - Model RAMP Series - Energy Storage Systems

    Whether you’re a Power Generator with renewable energy in your generation portfolio or a Commercial End User looking to get the most out of your onsite solar PV array, Xtreme Power’s RAMP Series™ energy storage systems are designed to help you increase the use of your sustainable energy resources by optimizing energy delivery, ...

    By Xtreme Power Inc based in Kyle, TEXAS (USA). from Power Generators Product line

  • Unity Platform for Energy Storage Systems

    PV plants become dispatchable – the plant can participate in bids it could not address so far. Maximize energy generation, minimize curtailment losses of solar resource. Maximize profit, selling energy at the most profitable price.  Fully compensate consumption in zero export scenarios. Full grid integration with ramp rates, 4-Q ...

    By InAccess based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Clean Coal

    Global demand for energy, will ensure that coal not only maintains its role as primary energy medium but will infact increase its share of total global energy demand. Ever increasing demands on finite stocks of petroleum based resources coupled with upward price volatility has resulted in users having to look at alternate ways of fulfilling their ...

    By Bio Energy Africa based in Brooklyn Square, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Energy Efficiency

    With rising energy costs no institution can afford to consider energy efficiency. Demand side management financial programmes and availiable technologies provide empetus for addressing the energy efficiency strategy of organisations. BEA has considered experience in developing energy management strategy, policy and programmes that provide ...

    By Bio Energy Africa based in Brooklyn Square, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Hydraulic Turbines

    Thanks to the use of its own operating structures and resources and to partnerships with important international suppliers, STE energy is able to offer its customers the right technological solution with the best performance, product reliability and general cost-efficiency for the solution implemented.

    By Sorgent.e Srl based in Padova, ITALY. from Mechanical Product line

  • Solar (PV) Photovoltaic Systems

    Solar (PV) Photovoltaic systems use the sun’s energy to create free, clean, no emissions electricity. The solar power generated feeds directly into your existing electricity system and is used in exactly the same way. In addition to being environmentally friendly and saving you money on your energy bills, the introduction of the Government ...

    By Duncan Renewables based in North Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • SUREnergy - Model 10kW - Wind Turbine

    The 10kW has the most efficient rotor design tested by a third party in the small wind industry today. Its performance has been tested and validated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and can produce up to 40% more energy than its competitors of the same rating in some wind resources. The 10kW is designed to generate low cost energy ...

    By SUREnergy based in Sandusky, OHIO (USA).

  • Wind Turbines Energy

    Can we light up the world and fuel our vehicles without polluting the environment? The answer may be blowing in the wind. It's not enough to set up hundreds of turbines at a blustery site to create a 'wind farm' and hope that consistent gusts will generate electricity. It's necessary to know where fast winds blow and how best to harness them since ...

    By PDR Associates Energy Group based in East Brunswick, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Electricity Unit for Renewable Energy

    The increasing demand for renewable energy is driving the development of geothermal resources across the World. According to the International Energy Agency, growth in the development of geothermal power projects (both conventional and deep generation) could be up to tenfold over the next 30 years.

    By Geothermal Engineering Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

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