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Energy Resources equipment for Energy Management

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    SMARTCONTROL - Multifunctional Data Logger for a Wide Variety of Media (New Functions)

    The multitalented SMARTCONTROL expands the Energy Control System (ECS), which is widespread in industry and building technology. It unites logging of energy and consumption data for a wide variety of media with peak load optimization, control functions and error message management. And thus it’s not only possible to monitor consumption, it ...

    By Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG based in Wohlen, SWITZERLAND. from Energy Management - Summators Product line

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    Landustrie Landy - Hydropower Screw Turbines

    The new range of the Landustrie screw pump covers the hydropower screw turbines. An efficient use of water power is already achieved at a level difference of 1 meter and a capacity of 500 l/sec. The largest capacity and level difference for hydropower screws is as much as 15000 l/sec. at 10 meter.

    By Landustrie Sneek BV based in Sneek, NETHERLANDS. from Hydropower Product line

  • Elgama Sistemos - Model ESMB 3.0 - Controller

    Versatile, flexibly customisable connectivity protocol converter dedicated for the automated energy resource accounting systems.ESMB 3.0 converts BS EN 62056-31 protocol into widely used Modbus data transfer protocol. ESMB 3.0 works also as a converter to / from CL / RS485 / RS232 into Ethernet.

    By Elgama Sistemos Ltd based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Ethernet Technology Product line

  • Aquamarine Power - Oyster Wave Power Technology

    Aquamarine Power's Oyster wave power technology captures energy in nearshore waves and converts it into clean sustainable electricity. Essentially Oyster is a wave-powered pump which pushes high pressure water to drive an onshore hydro-electric turbine. Wave power is generated by wind blowing over the surface of the ocean far out at sea. The ...

    By Aquamarine Power (AMP) based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Biogas Reactors

    The energy production by renewable energy sources by major environmental pollution and scarcity of natural resources is becoming increasingly important. Even while providing Schumann Tank & Stahlbau GmbH achieves a major contribution. The biogas production of industrial and agricultural products and waste is a significant factor in alternative ...

    By Schumann Tank & Stahlbau GMBH based in Wolmirstedt, GERMANY. from Application fields Product line

  • REHAU - Renewable Energy Using Natural Resources

    The finiteness of natural raw materials is foreseeable and is bringing about rapid increases in energy prices. The future belongs to renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal and biomass.

    By REHAU Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • GlobeCore - Biodiesel Cavitational Reactors

    STRUCTURE AND PRINCIPLE OF COMPLEX OPERATION ON PRODUCTION OF BIODIESEL (biodiesel)The complex on production of the biodiesel consists of the following installations (blocks):

    By GlobeCore based in Oldenburg-Eversten, GERMANY. from Other Products Product line

  • Sunset - Photovoltaic System

    The principle is very simple: the solar radiation produces a direct voltage in the solar generators, which is collected by the electrodes. The solar cell therefore produces electrical energy directly from sunlight. The direct voltage generated in this way is converted into the normal 230-volt mains voltage in the inverter and fed directly into the ...

    By SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH based in Adelsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Solar Boiler

    As worldwide fossil fuel supply diminishes, the sun is becoming an increasingly valuable energy source. Novatec Solar’s patented solar steam generator is cutting-edge solar thermal energy generation technology. The modular solar steam generator utilises Fresnel collector technology. It is an evolution of parabolic trough technology, using ...

    By Novatec Solar based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

  • WaveRoller - Ocean Wave Converter Device

    WaveRoller is a device that converts ocean waves to energy and electricity. The machine operates in near-shore areas (approximately 0.3-2 km from the shore) at depths of between 8 and 20 meters. It is fully submerged and anchored to the seabed. A single WaveRoller unit (one panel) is rated at between 500kW and 1000kW, with a capacity factor of ...

    By AW-Energy Oy based in Vantaa, FINLAND.

  • Acciona - Hydroelectric Power Technologies

    Hydroelectric power has been one of ACCIONA Energy’s activities since the company’s early days. It was initially part of a process of modernization and valorization of small hydro plants, and later developed into the construction of new plants. We therefore have considerable experience in this technology, both in terms of evaluating ...

    By ACCIONA Energy based in Alcobendas, SPAIN.

  • Combined Cycle Units (GCCU)

    Ormat Geothermal Combined Cycle Units (GCCU) are designed to generate power from high-pressure geothermal steam resources. When there are non-condensable gases present in the geothermal steam, our GCCU technology provides higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs and higher electrical output in comparison to conventional condensing steam power ...

    By Ormat Technologies, Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from Geothermal Power Product line

  • Model Indoor Shaker Grate Series - Crown Royal Indoor Coal Furnaces

    Energy efficient, using readily available, renewable resources, Crown Royal Stoves, indoor furnaces also known as indoor boilers, furnaces or hydronic heaters, are the most economical way to heat, making them the number one choice for many consumers. Our indoor coal furnaces burn 30% – 50% less than the competition.

    By Wisconsin Outdoor Boilers based in Irma, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Combined Heat and Power Plants

    Combined heat and power plants (CHPs) simultaneously generate electricity and heat on the basis of cogeneration. Due to a higher efficiency compared to the separate generation of electricity (e.g. coal-fired power plants) and heat (e.g., boiler with fuel oil or natural gas), this type of plant contributes to a reduction of the user’s energy ...

    By AGO AG Energie + Anlagen based in Kulmbach, GERMANY. from Heat Engineering Product line

  • TowerMill - Wind Stream System

    WindStream recently installed its first TowerMill pilot in Nassau, Bahamas. The TowerMill is a custom application of WindStream’s patented SolarMill renewable energy technology, and is configured to provide autonomous power to telecommunications towers globally. This TowerMill pilot in The Bahamas has a hybrid capacity of 10KW, and is ...

    By WindStream Technologies, Inc. based in North Vernon, INDIANA (USA).

  • Small Wind Turbines

    It is an old tradition to use wind as an energy source. Today this energy undergoes a renaissance. Due to the technical development these options are already available for owners of single family homes, farmers and business enterprises. So-called small wind turbines can be built in different variants starting from 0 to 100 kW.

    By ALRESO Energy Solution based in Münchberg, GERMANY. from Wind Product line

  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology (OTEC)

    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a game-changing technology that leverages the temperature difference in the ocean between cold deep water and warm surface water in the tropics and subtropics to generate unlimited energy without the use of fossil fuels. It boasts a competitive advantage over alternative sources of electricity production ...

    By Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC) based in Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Organic Rankine Cycle System (ORC)

    ORC stands for “Organic Rankine Cycle” – a procedure that uses waste heat to produce electricity with the aid of an evaporation process.

    By Dürr Systems AG - Clean Technology Systems based in Bietigheim-Bissingen, GERMANY. from Exhaust Air Purification Product line

  • Liaoyuan Machinery - Model JJW4000 - Energy Efficiency Asphalt Plant for sale

    Cutting-edge hot mix asphalt plant JJW series for sale, vertical drying tower instead of drying drum, energy efficiency asphalt plant for sale, recycling asphalt plant system optional.

  • Biodiesel Cavitational Reactors

    Previously cleared oil is supplied on heater line; there it is warmed up to operate temperature. The warmed-up oil moves to biodiesel reactor for biodiesel production. Also solutions of alkali and methanol are supply to the same reactor. At the exit from the biodiesel reactor by hydrodynamic mixing way and reaction of oil, solution of alkali and ...

    By GlobeCore GmbH - Biodiesel Division based in Oldenburg-Eversten, GERMANY.

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