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Energy Resources equipment for Energy Management

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    SMARTCONTROL - Multifunctional Data Logger for a Wide Variety of Media (New Functions)

    The multitalented SMARTCONTROL expands the Energy Control System (ECS), which is widespread in industry and building technology. It unites logging of energy and consumption data for a wide variety of media with peak load optimization, control functions and error message management. And thus it’s not only possible to monitor consumption, it ...

    By Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG based in Wohlen, SWITZERLAND. from Energy Management - Summators Product line

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    Geonica - Model SEMS-2000/3000 - Solar Energy Measurement System

    GEONICA introduces the SEMS-2000/3000 Solar Energy Measurement System, a turnkey integral solution for measuring the sun power, that is, the solar energy resource, as well as for the remote monitoring and efficiency analysis of solar power plants, thermal or photovoltaic, in real-time, via Internet. Ideal for solar energy resource assessment ...

    By Geonica SA based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Other Systems Product line

  • Sunset - Photovoltaic System

    The principle is very simple: the solar radiation produces a direct voltage in the solar generators, which is collected by the electrodes. The solar cell therefore produces electrical energy directly from sunlight. The direct voltage generated in this way is converted into the normal 230-volt mains voltage in the inverter and fed directly into the ...

    By SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH based in Adelsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Renewable Energy Insurance

    The drive to reduce our dependents on fossil fuels and create a sustainable energy environment is growing. The importance of reducing carbon footprints and developing efficient, renewable energy resources is helping to quicken the development of renewable energy sources.

    By SolarInsure based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Acciona - Hydroelectric Power Technologies

    Hydroelectric power has been one of ACCIONA Energy’s activities since the company’s early days. It was initially part of a process of modernization and valorization of small hydro plants, and later developed into the construction of new plants. We therefore have considerable experience in this technology, both in terms of evaluating ...

    By ACCIONA Energy based in Alcobendas, SPAIN.

  • Model C800S - Microturbine Power Generation Systems

    Can be paralleled up to 30MW of power

    By Capstone Turbine Corporation. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model C600S - Microturbine Power Generation Systems

    Can be paralleled up to 30MW of power

    By Capstone Turbine Corporation. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • JSC ELEM - Hydro Plants

    The water energy presents one of the first energies used by the humans in its history. Since the 4th century before Christ has started the utilization of the water energy in purpose of moving the mill wheel, and later with the progress of the science and the technique, starts the construction of the first hydro power plants (year 1882, on the ...

    By JSC ELEM (Macedonian power plants) based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Solar Boiler

    As worldwide fossil fuel supply diminishes, the sun is becoming an increasingly valuable energy source. Novatec Solar’s patented solar steam generator is cutting-edge solar thermal energy generation technology. The modular solar steam generator utilises Fresnel collector technology. It is an evolution of parabolic trough technology, using ...

    By Novatec Solar based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

  • Wave Dragon - Wave Energy Converter

    Wave Dragon is a floating, slack-moored energy converter of the overtopping type that can be deployed in a single unit or in arrays of Wave Dragon units in groups resulting in a power plant with a capacity comparable to traditional fossil based power plants.

    By Wave Dragon based in Copenhagen K, DENMARK.

  • Combined Heat and Power Plants

    Combined heat and power plants (CHPs) simultaneously generate electricity and heat on the basis of cogeneration. Due to a higher efficiency compared to the separate generation of electricity (e.g. coal-fired power plants) and heat (e.g., boiler with fuel oil or natural gas), this type of plant contributes to a reduction of the user’s energy ...

    By AGO AG Energie + Anlagen based in Kulmbach, GERMANY. from Heat Engineering Product line

  • Model C30 - Microturbine Power Generation Systems

    Expandable Can be paralleled up to 30MW of power.

    By Capstone Turbine Corporation. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model C65 - Microturbine Power Generation Systems

    Expandable Can be paralleled up to 30MW of power.

    By Capstone Turbine Corporation. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • E & F by PE - Clean Energy, Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol

    The “E&F Plant by P.E.” are Integrated Process Plants that fully exploit the agro-industrial resources and permit the efficient production of: Clean energy, Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol. The process we have developed can exploit different agricultural residua and agro-industrial resources such as: rice husks, wood, corn-cobs, sugar cane bagasse, ...

    By Process Engineering Srl based in Fenegro, ITALY. from Process Plants Product line

  • Biogas Mounting

    After ascertaining the optimum location for your biogas plant regarding grid connection and in consideration of the economic use of the local resources, the building phase can be started once the energy provider has consented to our assessment of the best feed-in point to the grid.

    By M. Münch Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG based in Weißenbrunn, GERMANY.

  • Biodiesel Cavitational Reactors

    Previously cleared oil is supplied on heater line; there it is warmed up to operate temperature. The warmed-up oil moves to biodiesel reactor for biodiesel production. Also solutions of alkali and methanol are supply to the same reactor. At the exit from the biodiesel reactor by hydrodynamic mixing way and reaction of oil, solution of alkali and ...

    By GlobeCore GmbH - Biodiesel Division based in Oldenburg-Eversten, GERMANY.

  • WAAREE - Solar Farm

    The current scenario of dependability on Non – renewable sources of energy shall not be reliable in the future due to depletion of fossil fuel resources, with the increasing demand for energy today. To overcome this crisis, we provide turnkey EPC services for grid connected solar farms to Captive plant owners, Investors & Project ...

    By Waaree Group based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • CHP Systems

    Generating power and heat in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner. Rising energy costs and mandatory regulation of CO2 emissions lead to only one logical conclusion: the responsible handling of energy resources and the increased efficiency of technical systems are essential. Environmentally-compatible energy that can be produced ...

    By Bosch KWK Systeme GmbH based in Lollar, GERMANY.

  • REHAU - Renewable Energy Using Natural Resources

    The finiteness of natural raw materials is foreseeable and is bringing about rapid increases in energy prices. The future belongs to renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal and biomass.

    By REHAU Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • TowerMill - Wind Stream System

    WindStream recently installed its first TowerMill pilot in Nassau, Bahamas. The TowerMill is a custom application of WindStream’s patented SolarMill renewable energy technology, and is configured to provide autonomous power to telecommunications towers globally. This TowerMill pilot in The Bahamas has a hybrid capacity of 10KW, and is ...

    By WindStream Technologies, Inc. based in North Vernon, INDIANA (USA).

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