Energy Usage

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  •  WiFi Energy Meter

    WiFi Energy Meter

    Product IntroductionWith this  wifi smart energy meter , you can easily track your home's energy use, and lower your electricity bill with Iammeter. smart Energy meter wifi  can help you monitor and analyze your energy consumption in real-time, and save your

  • Energy Consumption Monitor

    You can start to monitor, analyze and save your energy by using the product series of our power usage monitoring device , including energy monitoring system and internet-enabled energy meter. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Steam Peeler

    Steam Peeler

    Today we see steam peelers peeling at lower steam times than ever before. No product in the industry can match the speed of peeling, the uniformity of skin removal and the low peel losses of TOMRA’s Eco steam peeler. We are proud to say that TOMRA`s Eco steam peeler has become the standard for French fry processors.