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elevated flare (Flares) equipment

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    AEREON - Momentum Series Biogas Flares and Enclosed Flares

    The Momentum Biogas series of elevated flares is our most economical line of combustion equipment for the biogas sector, offering a cost-effective solution with rapid delivery. Momentum flares utilize a specially designed “burner and shroud” system to manage the intricate mixing with ambient air to provide a high DRE (98%) and high ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Momentum Series Biogas Flares and Enclosed Flares Product line

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    AEREON - Model Triton - Water Injected Sonic Flares

    Triton sonic flare technology allows for safe, efficient and smokeless flaring at elevated oil and gas production rates by injecting sea water into the flame envelope. High pressure sea water injection reduces flare emissions, helps minimize overall radiation levels from the flame, abates combustion noise, and preserves flame characteristics ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Water Injected Sonic Flares Product line

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    AEREON - Model Mach-1 - Fixed Orifice Sonic Flares

    Mach-1 sonic flares are used in both onshore and offshore applications to dispose of high pressure waste gas streams with high smokeless capacities. By efficiently inducing high volumes of ambient air for more complete, smokeless combustion at sonic velocities, this advanced flaring technology allows for reduced levels of radiation and can be ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Fixed Orifice Sonic Flares Product line

  • Model T - Self-Supported Elevated Flare

    The T flare is a self-supported elevated flare (open type) complete with a safety ladder and an upper platform that allow access to the nozzle and ignition and flame control equipment. The flame shield is designed to prevent accidental flame extinguishing and provides a chamber lined with fiberceramic for more complete biogas combustion. The flare ...

    By Progeco srl based in Brescia (BS), ITALY. from Self-Supported Elevated Flare Product line

  • UOP Callidus - Demountable Pipe Flare System

    The Demountable flare system provides flexible flaring operations to so that you can place multiple risers on a single support structure. They also allow you to perform maintenance to the tip at grade with minimal use of personnel at elevation. The demountable flare system features a derrick with the riser or risers mounted in such a way to permit ...

  • Elevated Flare

    Sonic flare, portable flare, smokeless, low noise, low- brightness flares we supply. With economic and robust structures like Derrick, guy-roped and self supported. Designed specifically to suit local structural laws and emission laws. Clean flare technology which we have achieved and refining it with our every installation.we specialize in low ...

    By Puti Energy based in Bhosari, INDIA.

  • Elevated Flares

    Elevated flare tips are constructed with high temperature stainless steel tips to prolong service life with specially designed flame stability tip , a windshield around the top of the Flare tip to shield the flame from high winds which could affect the flame stability, a specially designed Pilot to insure ignition of the gas and a thermocouple to ...

    By Parnel Biogas, Inc. based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Tornado - Flare Systems

    A flare stack refers to an elevated vertical stack used for burning off unusable waste gas in a variety of oil and gas production applications. Waste gases are either uneconomical to recover/retain, or released during planned or unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. Waste gases are released to the flare via piping (flare header) and burned ...

    By Tornado Combustion Technologies based in MD of Rocky View, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Flare Systems Product line

  • ITAS - Elevated Flares

    Elevated flares are vertical stacks used to dispose of waste gases through combustion; the “flare tips” (flare burners) are located at the top, which ensures personnel, plant and environment safety. ITAS elevated flares range from low-investment small utility stacks up to the tallest and largest capacity flares worldwide.

    By Fives I.T.A.S. s.p.a. based in Monza, ITALY. from Elevated Flares Product line

  • Steam Assisted Flares Systems

    Since the 1980’s, key staff of Europem have been responsible for the design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance of numerous flare systems including some of the most stringent and demanding applications.Europem’s extensive experience in flare design has resulted in a comprehensive range of elevated and ground flare ...

    By Europem N.V based in Lier, BELGIUM. from Steam Assisted Flares Systems Product line

  • Enclosed Combustor Flare

    Hero Flare offers an excellent alternative to elevated flares for those applications where an exposed flame is not desirable.  The Hero Enclosed Combustors are designed to provide a smokeless burn in accordance with the Quad O requirements.

    By Hero Flare LLC based in Kellyville, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Enclosed Combustor Flare Product line

  • Elevated Flares

    Our elevated flare range of open flare stacks provides a good degree of control over the combustion process in an elevated flame burner, whilst remaining highly flexible and portable. They are ideal for temporary or emergency mobile systems on landfill sites, or can be used at sewerage treatment works and other anaerobic digesters. The burner-tip ...

    By Biogas Systems based in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model MB Range - Mobile Flare Systems

    Our mobile (MB) range of open flare stacks provides a good degree of control over the combustion process in an elevated flame burner, whilst remaining highly flexible and portable. They are ideal for temporary or emergency mobile systems on landfill sites, or can be used at sewerage treatment works.

    By Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS) based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Mobile Flare Systems Product line

  • Combustion Research Associates - Sonic Utility Flares

    Utility Flares are the simplest and most economical type of flaring systems that work well in applications that don't require smokeless burning or where smokeless burning is attained without assistance from air, steam or gas. We also manufacture low flow flares and sonic flares with high-pressure tips to reduce emissions and provide cost effective ...

    By Combustion Research Associates based in Noida (New Delhi-NCR), INDIA.

  • Elevated Flare System

    At the top of the elevated system is the flare tip and pilot/ignitor system.  The flare tip is sized according to the flow rate and is manufactured from 304 stainless steel.  The larger diameter is the windshield which helps stabilise the flame. Located adjacent is the pilot/ignitor tip.  This is made in 304 stainless steel and ...

    By Flare Products Limited based in Stewartby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Elevated Flare System Product line

  • Model AC - Flare Systems

    The AC range of flare stacks is designed to offer a degree of control over the combustion process in an elevated flame burner. The burner tip design is based upon the principle of pre-aerated combustion giving the option of a short sharp, non-luminous flame, as opposed to the yellow-tipped long lazy flame typical of diffusion burners.

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare Systems Product line

  • Elevated Biogas Flares

    Flare for a capacatiy from 50 Nm3/h to 6.000 Nm3/h. Minimum methane concentration as low as 45% without pilot gas. No pilot gas needed.Low pressure, flow direct from reactor, no blower needed. Weather proof ignition system. 10 years waranty on body. 2 years on electronics and ignition system at normal use.

    By DWS bvba based in Wijnegem, BELGIUM. from Elevated Biogas Flares Product line

  • Open/Elevated Flare System

    MRW Designs and manufactures the following elevated flare systems for all sizes and compositions of waste gas.

    By MRW Technologies, Inc. based in Glenpool, OKLAHOMA (USA).

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