Gas Cleaning

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  • Porous Titanium in Next-Generation Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cells

    Porous titanium has found a wide variety of unique and important applications including filtration, separation, catalyst supporting, gas absorbing, gas sparging, current collection, and medical implantation.Manufacture process for porous titaniumRaw titanium powder preparation—Cold isostatic pressing or rolling&m


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  • Biogas Screw Compressors

    Biogas Screw Compressors

    Oil-free screw compressor for biogas and biomethane. AERZEN screw compressor packages are characterised by a great variety of types and a lot of modification possibilities. Whether these compressors serve as part of the customer`s plant concept or they are applied as complete system solution, AERZEN always adapts to individual customer requirements. Forming the basis for this is the development ...