Ground flares

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  • Flare Monitoring Quasar 2 – a new generation of Infrared pilot flame monitors from LumaSense

    LUMASENSE Technologies, a provider of temperature and gas sensing devices, has introduced its next generation F2T Quasar 2 Continuous Flare Stack Monitoring System for pilot flames and flared gases. Ihe scalability of the new flare monitoring systems and Iheir ability to inlegrale multiple monitoring technologies through software allow for a flare monitoring solution for all the market, ...

  • What`s New? Biogas Power

    Technologies that connect the biogas line to the power line include cooling and clean up components, microturbines and reciprocating gas engines and control systems.TOP BILLING on the biogas to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Flare Monitor

    Flare Monitor

    Safe flare operation and environmental protection require reliable and accurate flare pilot monitoring. Generally, flare pilots are monitored with thermocouples that often fail due to thermal shock caused by extreme heat and vibrations during flaring events. The requirement for pilot monitoring beyond the normal life of pilot thermocouples has driven the market need for alternative methods, which ...