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  • What`s New? Biogas Power

    Technologies that connect the biogas line to the power line include cooling and clean up components, microturbines and reciprocating gas engines and control systems.TOP BILLING on the biogas to electricity stage typically goes to the microturbines and reciprocating gas engines. But in the theater of renewable energy from organics recycling, the show can’t go on without the supporting cast of gas ...

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  • Multi-Point Ground Flare Systems

    Multi-Point Ground Flare Systems

    When ample real estate is available, multi-point ground flare (MPGF) systems are an economical approach to enclosed (hidden) and smokeless combustion of large amounts of process gas. By inducing gas through a large array of high-pressure burning points/burners, smokeless combustion can be achieved with high turndown, while concealing all radiation within the walls reducing exposure to personnel. ...