Heat Pumps equipment for Energy Management available in Virginia

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    GIG Karasek - Model MVR - Mechanical Vapour Recompression

    If electricity is cheaper than steam generation, we recommend vapour recompression with electrical energy. During the mechanical vapour recompression, vapours are recompressed to a higher pressure. The compressor operates like a heat pump. Here steam is only used for starting up the unit. Depending on application (elevation of boiling point, heat ...

    By GIG Karasek GmbH based in Gloggnitz, AUSTRIA. from Mechanical Vapour Recompression Product line

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    GIG Karasek - Model TVR - Thermal Vapour Recompression

    Evaporators with thermal vapour recompression technology use a part of the vapours to heat the unit. To this end, vapours are absorbed by an ejector and the vapours recompress up to a higher pressure. The ejector is usually designed for specific working points and works on a jet pump principle. It has no moving parts, which guarantees a simple ...

    By GIG Karasek GmbH based in Gloggnitz, AUSTRIA. from Thermal Vapour Recompression Product line

  • Model HPS Series - Heat Pumps

    By exploiting the technologies of heat pump and  high vacuum evaporation a maximum yield can be achieved with low energy consumption. Under vacuum the boiling point of water is reduced to 35 – 40° C, using heat pump technology the same circuit is used for heating and cooling and the amount of energy required is reduced considerably. ...

    By Solutex Ltd. based in Ellesmere, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heat Pumps Product line

  • TiSUN - Simplex Basic Single-Loop Solar Control Unit

    Simplex Basic single-loop solar control unit. For single-loop solar systems, with extra output for secondary heat source. LED display for indication of temperatures and configuration parameters. Simple, menu-based operation with 3 keys. 3 Pt 1000 inputs. 2 outputs for standard solar and heating pumps or valve. Sensor monitoring and fault display. ...

    By TiSUN GmbH based in Söll, AUSTRIA. from Simplex Basic Single-Loop Solar Control Unit Product line

  • Envision - Model Console Series - Water Source/Geothermal Heat Pump

    The Envision Console achieves high efficiencies and durability through its single speed LG rotary compressor, high performance 5-speed ECM fan motor, and all-aluminum air coils. The Envision Console also features an oversized and convoluted coaxial heat exchanger (optional cupronickel) for maximum heat transfer as well as the newest generation of ...

    By WaterFurnace International, Inc. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from Water Source/Geothermal Heat Pump Product line

  • Heat Pumps

    Götaverken Miljö has installed a great number of heat pumps over the years. Our early references include some of the largest turbo compressor heat pumps in the world (at Ryaverket in Gothenburg). We have installed both compressor and absorption heat pumps connected to the flue gas cleaning systems at waste incineration plants. In recent ...

    By Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB based in Gothenburg, SWEDEN. from Heat Pumps Product line

  • UNICOIL - Prefabricated Coil Pipe

    A unicoil is a prefabricated coil manufactured exclusively from Performance Pipe Driscoplex 5300 Series Climate Guard pipe, coiled in parallel and fused to a 180° fitting. The unicoil allows quick field installation of ground source heat pump vertical loop field designs. Geothermal Supply Company manufactures uncoils in standard and custom ...

    By Geothermal Supply Company Inc. (GSC) based in Horse Cave,, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • WaterFurnace - Model 7 Series - 700A11 50Hz - Two Stage Geothermal Heat Pumps

    The WaterFurnace 7 Series provides homeowners the ultimate in comfort and performance and represents our finest products. This line is for those who accept only the best and is built using the latest technologies and highest standards. The 700A11's ratings are vastly greater than ordinary conditioning systems and 30% higher than current two-stage ...

    By WaterFurnace International, Inc. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from Two Stage Geothermal Heat Pumps Product line

  • Envision - Geothermal Heat Pumps

    Envision Compact products offer industry-leading efficiencies in a much smaller footprint. The compact cabinet makes this heat pump system the perfect solution for commercial retrofit and boiler/tower applications. Available in a wide selection of capacities (5-17kW), the Envision² Compact carries many of our most advanced features – ...

    By WaterFurnace International, Inc. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from Geothermal Heat Pumps Product line

  • Origin - Model ZS006 - Compact Horizontal Packaged Geothermal System

    The Origin Series Compact Horizontal has an all new design that takes advantage of the best technologies.Meet the next generation horizontal geothermal system. The Origin Series Compact Horizontal has an all new design that takes advantage of the best technologies. Its small cabinet is the most striking feature. ZS/ZT models are perfectly sized ...

    By Enertech Global, LLC based in Greenville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Compact Horizontal Packaged Geothermal System Product line

  • Europa - Model 250 DK - Hot Water Heat Pumps

    DHW heat pump – compact appliance with 250 l cylinder, air/extract air as the heat source

    By OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH based in Haag, AUSTRIA. from Hot Water Heat Pumps Product line

  • Sonnenkraft - Model Comfort E - Solar Room Heating

    The COMFORT E solution by SONNENKRAFT is the cost-effective solution for anyone who needs both hot water and room heating. This solution consists of our brand new developed PSR-E tank with a high efficiency pump station and intelligent fresh water module. It can cover up to 30 % of your heating and 80 % of your hot water need.

    By Sonnenkraft UK Ltd based in Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Room Heating Product line

  • Sonnenkraft - Model Sol Plus - Solar Heat Pump

    The SOL+ solution is SONNENKRAFT's brand new solution which makes the household near to energy self-sufficient. The solution combines solar thermal energy with an air-water heat pump, and eliminates the need for any additional backup heating. The HP12M heat pump in the SOL+ solution offers an outstanding efficiency because of generously designed ...

    By Sonnenkraft UK Ltd based in Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Heat Pump Product line

  • Solar Cabinet System

    The cabinet is designed in Scandinavia and suits both new buildings and houses where replacement of existing heating systems are applicable. Length and width both cabinets: 60 x 60 cm, height standard model: 220 cm, height low model: 195 cm. Heating system with storage tank, all pumps and vents, filler, eco alert and expansion tanks for brine ...

    By Free Energy Norge AS based in Trondheim, NORWAY.

  • Oilon - Solar Heat Collectors

    Up to half the annual energy consumed for heating domestic hot water can be generated with solar heat in Finland. Solar heat collectors can be connected to any central water-heating system and also utilised for the production of domestic hot water in a building with direct electric heating. Environmentally friendly energy can be produced from the ...

    By Oilon Oy based in Lahti, FINLAND. from Solar Heat Collectors Product line

  • Techno-Solis - Model 525 S - Heat Pumps

    Protective copper outer pipe on heat exchanger. Dual thermostat controls. Ultra high efficient Scroll compressor. Compatible with all remote control systems. Largest fan assembly in the industry.

    By Techno-Solis Inc based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Heat Pumps Product line

  • Energypanel - Model GTC HT - Thermodynamic Solar Systems

    Systems for water heating and heating at high temperature - Large volumes These thermodynamic solar systems are heat pumps with evaporator consisting of thermodynamic panels exposed directly to the sun and to outdoor weather conditions, capturing all available energy. There is an increase in system performance over traditional heat pumps due to ...

    By Energy Panel, S.L. based in Lucena (Córdoba), SPAIN. from Thermodynamic Solar Systems Product line

  • ECOPRIMA - Model 1.000 K - With Submersible Heat Exchanger (Coil)

    The K series models ('K' stands for 'konzentrieren' concentrate) are designed to concentrate a product as far as possible and to a said density. The residues (the concentrate) are removed either manually or by a pump controlled by a density metre, timer or Pressostat.

    By SCHELL GmbH & Co.KG. based in Telfs, AUSTRIA.

  • CO2 Heat Pumps

    Under the brand name thermeco2 the company Dürr thermea GmbH manufactures high-temperature heat pumps, chillers and compressed-air refrigeration dryers for industrial applications and building technology. All thermeco2 machines are operated with the climate-neutral refrigerant CO₂.

    By Dürr Systems AG - Clean Technology Systems based in Bietigheim-Bissingen, GERMANY. from CO2 Heat Pumps Product line

  • DuoFin - Heating System

    DuoFin provides incredibly even heating across the width of your greenhouse growing areas. Its unique tapered fin design delivers a combination of convective and radiant heating quietly and efficiently. Having only two fins means that more loops are needed to meet your heat load than with its sister product, StarFin—but it also means ...

    By BioTherm, Inc. based in Cotati, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Heating System Product line

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