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Heating Plants equipment for Energy Management

  • Model ZUVV 550 S - Forced Circulation Evaporator

    Materials Seel rubber-lined, Graphite, Stainless steel, PP. Heating material Steam, 2 bar(ü). Destillate capacity 550 l/h. Customer Rockwood; France. Task Minimisation of residual material for acidic effluents, containing HF and HCl

    By Schulz Partner GmbH based in Teningen, GERMANY. from Forced Circulation Evaporator Product line

  • Vapour Compression Evaporation Plant

    If the temperature difference between the heating medium and the solution to be evaporated shall be low in order to avoid an overheating of the solution, the plant should be operated with vapour compression. Depending on the cost ratio between steam and electric power.

    By Ebner GmbH & Co. KG based in Eiterfeld, GERMANY. from Vapour Compression Evaporation Plant Product line

  • Moving step grate - Model HPKI-R 180-1400 - Boiler

    Moving step grate technology is particularly suitable for wet fuels with a moisture content of up to W55. The high-performance boiler generates heat from the most varied biogenic fuels.

    By GILLES Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG based in Gmunden, AUSTRIA. from Boiler Product line

  • Ekogen - Small Scale CHP System

    The Ekogen Small Scale CHP System output is 100 kW electric power and 300 kW heat, adding up the annual production as high as 800 MWh electricity and respectively heat close to 2500 MWh. The plant is suitable for small industries, housing management companies, green houses and district heating companies — principally to all users which can ...

    By Ventek Energy Systems Inc based in Kamloops, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Micro Cogeneration Plant

    EQTEC has over 25 years' experience designing and building highly efficient compact and soundproof micro-cogeneration modules for electricity and heat generation where the customer needs to cover a constant demand for heat during most of the hours per year . More than 100 different electric power modules ranging from 50 kWe to 500 kWe have been ...

    By Eqtec - An EBIOSS Company based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • Heat Plant Engineering and Construction

    The design and implementation of thermotechnical plants for warm water treatment, hot water treatment or steam treatment of all power classes is part of our main focus: energy sources, such as biomass, oil, natural gas, biogas or heavy fuel oil are used in boiler or engine applications. About half of the heat generation plants implemented by AGO ...

    By AGO AG Energie + Anlagen based in Kulmbach, GERMANY. from Heat Plant Engineering and Construction Product line

  • Bruneck - Model I-IV - Biomass Plants

    In the first phase two biomass boiler with total amount of 16MW were installed 2001. Each boiler has its own ESP for dedusting under 20mg/m3 (limit value). After ESP's the two gas streams are combined to one to be treated in one Condensation Unit. Exhaust gases are cooled down to 40°C and will being released to the chimney. Condensation Unit ...

    By VAS Energy Systems GmbH based in Wals-Siezenheim, AUSTRIA.

  • Model 50kW to 90kW - Biomass Heat Pods

    Featuring an ETA boiler. Available in 50kW, 70kW, 90kW. Fuel type: wood chip or wood pellet. Fully fitted plant room. Buffer tank to suit system requirements with integrated fuel store. Complete heating controls with remote access via internet and built in touch screen

    By Innasol Ltd. based in Wickham Bishops, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biomass Heat Pods Product line

  • District Heating Pipes

    Whether heating two small properties, sharing heat from a small domestic boiler, or supplying numerous properties from one large biomass heating plant, the quality and type of district heating pipes is a key element of the design of your biomass system.

    By Energy Innovations based in Leiston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Heavy Fuel Oil

    We offer our customers high-class heavy fuel oil products. Our development and manufacturing of petroleum products is driven by customer needs.Heavy fuel oil is a source of energy for industry and heating plants. It is also used as a bunker fuel on ships.

    By Neste based in FINLAND. from Heavy Fuel Oil Product line

  • Combined Heat and Power Plant

    The decision to construct this power plant was made in May 2005; and since summer 2007, the Combined Heat and Power Plant has been supplying the company Pfanni, manufacturer of potato-based instant products, with process steam and electrical power by means of a co-generation system.By utilising around 95 000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel, the ...

    By Nehlsen International based in Bremen, GERMANY.

  • Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)

    Our combustion system is optimized in a CHP plant. A high pressure boiler is attached to our furnace and can, depending on the steam need, produce steam up to 25 tonnes / h and 480 ° C in one or two stages.

    By Jernforsen Energi System AB based in Halmstad, SWEDEN.

  • Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP)

    Combined heat and power (CHP) is a highly efficient process that captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process. By generating heat and power simultaneously, CHP can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the separate means of conventional generation via a boiler and power station.

    By Biomass Engineering Limited based in Newton-le-Willows, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Rotating Regenerative Heat Exchanger

    Regenerative heat exchangers play an important role in fossil fuels steam power plants as air preheaters (APH) and as gas-gas heater (GGH) in emission control plants such as FGD plants and tail-end SCR plants.

    By Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S (BWE) based in Allerød, DENMARK.

  • Linka - Straw Heating Plant: 1,000 - 15,000 kW

    here are several ways of constructing a straw system for a heating plant, depending on the customer’s requests and needs. Linka uses three basic construction methods, based on the chosen boiler size. All our plant sizes from 1000 to 15,000 kW can be built with a straw shredder. Due to the large quantity of straw, the feeding system can ...

    By Linka Energy A/S based in LEM ST., DENMARK. from Straw Heating Plant: 1,000 - 15,000 kW Product line

  • WoodRoll - Model 6 MW - Plant

    The standard size WoodRoll is set to 6 MW syngas capacity. For CHP applications that translates into 2.4 MW of power and >3 MW of heat, if the syngas is upgraded to SNG it results in 4.8 MW SNG alternatively 5.4 MW of renewable hydrogen can be generated from the 6 MW WoodRoll plant. On request WoodRoll can be offered in other sizes.

    By Cortus Energy based in Kista, SWEDEN.

  • Linka - Mobile Wood Pellet Plant: 100 - 5,000 kW

    With a Linka mobile plant you are ensured a turnkey heating plant, built in a large standard or custom container. A fuel container with a scraper unit is also installed, along with a custom ash container and chimney, all connected to the mobile plants main container. The main container is built in three sizes, depending on boiler size. It consists ...

    By Linka Energy A/S based in LEM ST., DENMARK. from Mobile Wood Pellet Plant: 100 - 5,000 kW Product line

  • District Heating Plant

    Many of our customers are district heating operators where efficiency and environmental constraints are the key factors for low operating costs. In these systems we try to, in most cases, build in a gas condenser to increase the efficiency of the plant. The advantage of this is low emissions and if the regulatory requirements are extremely high ...

    By Jernforsen Energi System AB based in Halmstad, SWEDEN.

  • C. F. Nielsen - Window Plant Waste to Heating Plant Fuel

    From window plant WASTE to heating plant FUEL. Wood waste from a Danish window plant is used as industrial briquettes, also known as biomass fuel, at a local district heating plant. A leading Danish window factory has an annual production of 2,000 tonnes of industrial biomass briquettes based on sawdust, shavings and chips, mainly from pine.

    By C. F. Nielsen A/S based in Baelum, DENMARK. from Window Plant Waste to Heating Plant Fuel Product line

  • Pyrolysis pilot run plant (or customised designed)

    Pyrolysis facility: customised design Pyrolysis Pilot run Plant.Low temperature 'batch' type pyrolysiscapacity: 100kg solid input per batch.Efficient heat exchange (requires no catalyst nor feedstock shredding/cutting)Modified slag-out process (clean from ash dispersal)Easy installing and operation.

    By E-Sunscience Co., Ltd. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

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