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  • Top 3 Ways to Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption!

    Everybody wants to reduce or minimize the energy cost of operating their heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This includes Commercial Building Owners, Facility Managers and Homeowners. HVAC system energy costs typically represent 40% of total commercial building operating cost and 48% of total residential building operating cost. You can see that HVAC system energy ...


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  • Rotary Micro Generator

    Rotary Micro Generator

    Enerbees rotary micro-generator is a unique combination of magnetic and piezoelectric materials. The piezoelectric material allows the device to generate energy at any motion speeds, while the magnetic material permits the generator to be actuated from low force movements. This makes Enerbee’s technology extremely efficient at generating energy from low speed or low force movements, where ...


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  • 42nd World Energy Engineering Congress 2019

    42nd World Energy Engineering Congress 2019

    The World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) is the largest energy conference and technology expo held in the U.S. specifically for business, industrial and institutional energy users. It brings together the top experts in all areas of the field to help you set a clear, optimum path to energy efficiency, facility optimization and sustainability.Energy Focus ✓ Energy Management, HVAC and Smart ...

42nd World Energy Engineering Congress 2019

Sep. 24rd - 25th | Washington