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Hydrogen Fuel equipment for Energy Management

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    J.U.M. - Model HB-SC-50 Liter - Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge

    The HB-SC-50 liter Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge is designed to be used as a standard storage for our portable FID based instrument and to act as a back up hydrogen source at room temperature. This hydrogen storage system is based on the latest achievements in solid metal hydride technology of AB5-type alloys as well as on unique techniques of alloy ...

    By J.U.M. Engineering GmbH based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY. from Heated FID Analyzers - Gases and Fuel Gas Supply Product line

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    AirScience - Steam Methane Reforming

    Steam reforming of hydrocarbons is conventionally used for feedstock production for methanol synthesis, hydrogen production, ammonia synthesis and Fisher-Tropsch synthesis. Syn-Gas or Hydrogen can be produced using the Steam Methane Reforming process.

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Technologies Product line

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    AirScience - SMR Hydrogen Production

    Hydrogen production through Steam Methanol Reforming (SMR). The methanol feedstock is mixed with water in specified ratio and pressurized. This mixture is passed through evaporator, metering pump and super heater. The hot gas mixture is then fed into a catalytic reactor. The reaction of methanol reforming and the shift reaction, takes place in the ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Technologies Product line

  • Heat Systems - Gasification Technology

    Heat Systems Gasification technology is reliable, flexible and modular gasification solution. It can turn a variety of low-value feedstocks into high-value products, help reduce dependence on imported fuel such as oil and gas, and can provide a clean alternative source of  electricity, fertilizers, fuels, and chemicals.

    By Heat Systems based in Claremorris, IRELAND. from Renewables Product line

  • GenCell - Electrochemical Energy Conversion Fuel Cell Device

    A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device that was invented in 1839 by William Grove to produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen into water. Like batteries, fuel cells convert potential chemical energy into electrical energy and generate heat as a by-product. While chemical energy is stored inside batteries, fuel cells ...

    By GenCell Ltd based in Petah Tikva, ISRAEL.

  • WAAREE - Solar PV Hybrid System

    WAAREE Solar PV Hybrid system is designed by integrating the PV system with Grid Power, Diesel Generator (DG), Wind Turbine, Thermal Power, Petroleum-Fueled or even Hydrogen Power. The need for excess power and built-in system autonomy is reduced by this kind of integration. Waaree designs the most optimum hybrid system design depending on the ...

    By Waaree Group based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • GenSure - Model E-1100v - Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    Plug Power’s GenSure E-1100v fuel cell is a fully integrated system producing up to 1,100 Watts of power in an industry-first vertical-mount chassis. The product was developed for use with backup power customers in telecommunications, railroad and utility communications markets where high reliability in the smallest total footprint at low ...

    By Plug Power Inc. based in Latham, NEW YORK (USA). from GenKey - GenSure Fuel Cell Power Product line

  • Battery and Gas Hybrid Energy System

    Engas UK is developing smarter energy storage solutions by integrating battery and gaseous fuel-powered combustion engines. This will provide a very attractive system with low installation cost (£/kW) and low energy cost (£/kWh). The flexible electricity will be used recharge electric vehicles and for smarter grid balancing ...

    By Engas UK based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • High Speed Turbo Blower ZCJSD - Model 150HP - for Cement Plant

    ZCJSD High Speed Turbo Blower use 150 HP for Shanshui cement plant has saved 56% electricity energy and been the PRIOR SUPPLIE.ZCJSD turbo blower is the first and biggest air bearing turbo blower manufacturer in China and biggest turbo blower manufacturer in the world with annual production of 1000 sets from 20HP to 400HP. High Speed Turbo Blower ...

    By ZCJSD Turbo Blower Co., Ltd based in CHINA.

  • H2Generator - Panels System

    H2Generator Panels can be connected together to scale to any size system to meet application specific hydrogen requirements. The H2Generator System will contain a process control unit that automates the liquid chemical processes as well as hydrogen removal from the H2Generator Panels into a temporary storage tank.

    By HyperSolar, Inc. based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • LeefH2 - Hydrocarbon Technology

    It is well known in the scientific community that hydrogen has a very high flame speed, Much higher than all other known gases. The following chart show the flame speed of various gases including hydrogen.

    By HNO Green Fuels, Inc. based in Southern, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Common Extensible Cryogenic Engine

    Aerojet Rocketdyne was contracted by NASA to develop the Common Extensible Cryogenic Engine (CECE), a deep-throttling 15,000 pound thrust class demonstrator rocket engine. A mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fueled the CECE.

    By Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc. based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Space and Launch Systems- Launch Vehicle Product line

  • StoraXe - Model SRS0006 / SRS0009 - Lithium Ion Battery Storage Rack Systems

    The StoraXe Home & Small Business product portfolio has been specially developed for the professional and demanding use of battery storage systems. High-quality battery cells from the industrial sector ensure higher power output and lower capacity losses throughout their operational life than is the case for systems with commercially available ...

    By ads-tec GmbH based in Nürtingen, GERMANY. from Energy Storage - Home & Small Business Product line

  • Embedded Fuel Cell Systems

    Embedded fuel cell systems are one of the most promising energy sources for portable applications. They have a very high energy density, are safe and environmentally clean and can be supplied in primary power or fuel cell/battery hybrid configurations. Intelligent Energy has developed proprietary control software for both primary power and fuel ...

    By Intelligent Energy Limited based in Leicestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Consumer Electronics Product line

  • Model FC - Fuel Cell Humidifiers

    Perma Pure’s FC Series Fuel Cell Humidifiers are the industry standard and offer unparalleled performance, reliability and lifetime up to 20,000 hours.  Designed to meet the exacting requirements of the fuel cell user, these Nafion-based products provide consistent, repeatable humidification of air and hydrogen across the specified flow ...

    By Perma Pure LLC - a Halma Company based in Lakewood, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Gas Humidifiers Product line

  • 3 Layer Hydrogen Oxygen Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM)

    The 3-layer or Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM) version of our popular 5-layer H2/Air this High performance Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) is used where performance and efficiency is critical and you need a free-floating GDL layer. It can be used in Hydrogen/Air or Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Cells. The standard configuration features a high Platinum ...

    By Fuel Cells Etc based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Membrane Electrode Assemblies Product line

  • Platinum - Model 0.5 mg/cm² - Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells

    This is the standard loading for many Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells and is applied on a woven carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL).  The GDL is 410 um thick, but other GDL materials are also available, as are custom sizes and loadings.

    By Fuel Cells Etc based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Gas Diffusion Electrodes Product line

  • MagPower - Model MAFC - Magnesium Air Fuel Cell

    MagPower Systems Inc. has developed a powerful, reliable, plentiful and environmentally friendly non-toxic alternative power source that generates electricity by combining magnesium, saltwater and air.  Magnesium-air saltwater technology was discovered in the 1960s but has not reached commercialization until now.  With the discovery and ...

    By MagPower Systems Inc. based in Stony Plain, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Platinum - Model 0.2 mg/cm² - Woven Carbon Cloth Substrate

    A low-cost electrode utilizing a woven carbon cloth substrate and a Platinum on Vulcan Carbon support catalyst.  This loading is designed for cost sensitive applications where the Platinum catalyst still plays a primary roll in the electrochemical system.  This loading is often used in cost sensitive Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells or other ...

    By Fuel Cells Etc based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Gas Diffusion Electrodes Product line

  • 1000 Watt (1kW) - Model EOS1000 - Fuel Cell

    This 1,000 Watt (1 kW) is suitable for most mobile applications such as motorcycles and portable power generators. The EOS1000 fuel cell system is a highly integrated system with a compact design which includes a fuel cell stack, fans, an IC board and an electromagnetic valve. Also included in the price is the accessory module which contains the ...

    By Fuel Cells Etc based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Fuel Cell Product line

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