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  • Hexagon Steel Tubing

    Hexagon Steel Tubing

    Product descriptionHexagon steel tube is the general name of all section shape of steel tube except circular tube. There are welded shaped tubes and seamless shaped tubes. Due to different types of materials, hexagon steel tube generally use 304 material, because 200, 201 material strong in hardness making forming difficulty. Know more from this page: ...

  • Clay Insulation Brick

    Clay Insulation Brick

    Diatomite brick is a kind of Clay Insulation brick. Thermal Insulation Bricks are high porosity refractories with low thermal conductivity and high porosity (no less than 45%) used to reduce ...


  • A Guide to Thermcraft Electric Heater Plates

    A Guide to Thermcraft Electric Heater Plates

    Electric heater plates are ceramic heating elements used in the manufacture of industrial ovens and furnaces. They are simultaneously designed to heat the internal chamber of an oven with good uniformity, while insulating the sensitive mechanics and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Industrial Chamber Furnaces

    Industrial Chamber Furnaces

    The robust construction of LCF industrial chamber furnaces makes them ideal for applications such as the heat treatment of steels and alloy, ceramics sintering and aerospace heat treatment.