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Industrial Furnace equipment for Energy Management

  • Heat Treat Furnaces

    Baker Furnace is a veteran-owned and family-operated manufacturer with a 35-year reputation for building reliable, high-temperature furnaces. Our engineers specialize in designing furnaces to fit your unique requirements, no matter the complexity or scope.  Please fill out the form or give us a call so we can share our 35+ years of industry ...

    By Baker Furnace, Inc. based in Yorba Linda, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Solid Organic Fuels

    Wood is the most important bio energy carrier. Heating with wood has a long history and there are many different types of wood-burning appliances in use. About every fourth household in Germany is heating with wood. Every year approximately 38 million cubic meters used wood in the form of firewood, wood chips, pellets and briquettes in a total of ...

    By Biomass and Bioenergy Consulting based in Gülzow, GERMANY.

  • Polarchem - Online Cleaning Gas-Fired Boilers and Furnaces

    Methods, products, systems and service for on-line cleaning and treatment of the combustion side of boilers, process furnaces and incinerators burning gas, oil, coal, lignite and waste. Polarchem for cleaning and maintenance of process furnaces. By its flexible method for on-line cleaning Polarchem has created a useful operational aid for ...

    By Jayne Products, Inc. based in Carson, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Maytag - Model PGC2MQ Series - Modulating Furnaces

    Ultimate Comfort and Efficiency: If you want the highest level of comfort when heating your home, this furnace is for you. With its 97% efficiency, you spend less money heating your home. With the included modulating furnace, the temperature stays consistent to keep you comfortable. The included iSEER technology increases the efficiency of heating ...

    By AC Pro. based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Modulating Furnaces Product line

  • Model JQ-800 - Float zone Mono-crystal Furnace

    The JQ-800 Float zone Mono-crystal Furnace is a device for purification and mono-crystal silicon growing of silicon material in the floating and melting zones using the float-zone melting technique under an environment of vacuum with inert gases. The growing of the float-zone crystal can be improved and carried out by the semi-automatic control ...

    By JYT Corporation based in CHINA.

  • COAL for industries and furnaces

    Especially useful in industries that require combustion stability.Please find as attached our complete FCO, for the supply of Thermal coal for industries and furnaces.Origin Morocco with specs of Sulphur content to maximum 0.3-1%We can surely supply and deliver even more than 50,000mt on monthly basis for 12months.Payment term – 100% LC at sight ...

    By BIG AGRI ATLAS sa based in MOROCCO.

  • Industrial Furnace

    Epcon has built hundreds of Industrial Furnaces and is a premier custom Industrial Furnace manufacturer. Our Furnaces can be found all over the world, functioning virtually maintenance free in almost every industry.

    By Epcon Industrial Systems, LP based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Furnace Product line

  • MOSKONI - Isolated Chamotte Bricks

    Insulating fireclay brick is generally used in industrial furnaces as a insulating and lining layer. It is a porosity material including 30-46% Al2O3. Insulating fireclay brick has much higher resistance in coldcrushing strength, slag resistance and  corrosion when compared with fireclay brick.

    By KILTAS Refractory Materials Co & Ltd based in Silivri/İstanbul, TURKEY. from Isolated Chamotte Bricks Product line

  • Donacarbo - Molded Insulator

    DONACARBO Molded Insulator is a shaped heat insulator that is made from 'pitch-based carbon fiber' as the base material impregnated with resin of high carbonization rate. We form this insulator into shapes according to purposes with curing, carbonizing, and graphitizing process. DONACARBO Molded Insulator is used in various industrial furnaces.

    By Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. based in Osaka, JAPAN. from Molded Insulator Product line

  • Small Batch Furnace Systems

    Over the past 45 years, Tempress has built up an world wide installed base of over 1800 furnace systems. Most of these systems are dedicated for the Semiconductor industry. During this long history, Tempress was able to built up extensive hardware and process know-how. The TS 6 & TS 8 series Small Batch Furnace systems can be equipped with a ...

    By Tempress Systems based in VAASSEN, NETHERLANDS.

  • CDS Airtek - Industrial Furnaces

    CDS Airteks bespoke furnace / Kiln range, including stress relieving kilns, Isothermal Annealing Furnaces and many other types are all custom designed and manufactured to meet our clients needs. Specialist in heat treatment systems and other capital equipment, we have relevant niche experience to provide-tailor made technical solutions needed for ...

    By CDS Airtek based in Stoke on Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Furnaces Product line

  • Model PW - High-Temperature Centrifugal Paddle Wheel Fans

    Robinson PW fans are furnished with radial bladed wheels specifically suited for applications involving continuous operation at temperatures from 70° F to 2000° F. PW units are often constructed of special alloy materials for high-temperature service, but are also used for low temperature operations. Other Robinson fans designed for ...

    By Robinson Fans Inc based in Zelienople, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • No-Bell Top for Blast Furnaces

    The new conception of the NO-BELL TOP gives the possibility for better burden distribution in the blast furnace as well as a quick exchange of the chute system. The compactness of the NO-BELL TOP System ensures an easy exchange of a double-bell system.

    By Z&J Technologies GmbH based in Düren, GERMANY. from No-Bell Top for Blast Furnaces Product line

  • HICON - Batch Type Furnaces for Ingots

    Sensitive alloys have to homogenized after casting to reduce the stress within the ingots. Homogenizing temperature is just below the melting point. The more precisely the temperature can be controlled, the shorter annealing time can be without risking the ingot starting to melt. Our HICON (high convection) technologies ensures the lowest ...

    By EBNER Industrieofenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H. based in Leonding, AUSTRIA. from Batch Type Furnaces for Ingots Product line

  • Stelter - Direct-Fired Paste Heaters

    Stelter & BrinckPaste Heatersare used in conjunction with Submerged Arc Furnaces. These units include high turn down, combustion blower, controls and valve train.

    By Stelter & Brinck, Ltd based in Harrison, OHIO (USA). from Direct-Fired Paste Heaters Product line

  • ThermJet - Fire Burners

    ThermJet Direct Fire Burners Feature the Highest Flame Velocities Available. The industry standard for velocity burners, the low NOx ThermJet represents a technological leap forward in every area of design and performance. Comparison tests show that ThermJet delivers the lowest emissions of any competitive model. Integrated gas and air orifices ...

    By Eclipse, Inc. based in Rockford, ILLINOIS (USA). from Fire Burners Product line

  • Model DIFF - Diffusion Furnace

    Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, centrotherm ranks as one of the world’s leading suppliers of tube furnaces for diffusion and oxidation processes in the semiconductor and PV industries.

    By centrotherm photovoltaics AG based in Blaubeuren, GERMANY. from Diffusion Furnace Product line

  • HICON - Pusher Type Furnaces for Ingots

    EBNER HICON pusher-type furnaces are the most modern available for reheating and homogenizing aluminum ingots for hot rolling. In contrast to conventional furnaces (such as soaking pits) the HICON® pusher-type furnace is a semi-continuous operating facility. Using high convection HICON technology with powerful, function-specific furnace wind ...

    By EBNER Industrieofenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H. based in Leonding, AUSTRIA. from Pusher Type Furnaces for Ingots Product line

  • VacuDraw - Vacuum Tempering Furnaces

    When you look to purchase anything in life, you always feel more comfortable when you go to the experts. Surface Combustion pioneered the vacuum purged tempering process and has a wealth of data and applications to draw upon for your unique situation. We do it for our customers to have the confidence level that our technology will work every time. ...

    By Surface Combustion, Inc. based in Maumee, OHIO (USA). from Vacuum Tempering Furnaces Product line

  • Vertical Furnace

    Heating: Electric. Temperature Range: 850 to 1150 °C. Applications: Industrial Ceramics, Powder Metallurgy

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