Industrial Ovens

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Wood briquettes with an innovative form

    Briquetting has allowed one wood processing firm to optimise its strategy for increasing value and has led to the creation of a new line of business.Robeta OHG operates a saw mill in Brandenburg, Germany. The company processes around 280,000m3 of pine wood a year, which is sourced exclusively in the forests of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.Instead of selling on loose woo

  • Conveyor oven - Welding consumables company

    Epcon has extensive experience in designing and building Industrial Conveyor Ovens for the Welding Consumables Industry. The Problem The company produces welding rods that must be dried to a ...


  • A Guide to Thermcraft Electric Heater Plates

    Electric heater plates are ceramic heating elements used in the manufacture of industrial ovens and furnaces. They are simultaneously designed to heat the internal chamber of an oven with good uniformity, while insulating the sensitive mechanics and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Microwave Dry System (Industrial Drying Oven)

    Microwave Dry System (Industrial Drying Oven)

    Sang Won succeeded R&D of Industrial Microwave Dryer(Industrial Drying Oven) as an environmentally friendly & energy saving technology, supported by Korea MOCIE. Subsequently to the pilot scale system, super grade 400Kw Microwave Dry System(Industrial Drying Oven) was successfully supplied/installed by us for Foundry Core Line of Automotive Plant on 2002. By great responses of customers ...