Mobile Power Generation

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  • Field Hospitals

    Field Hospitals

    Combat and disaster zones require complete medical support for everything from simple illnesses and scrapes, to intensive care, surgery, and even isolation capacity in the event of the outbreak of a disease or virus such as Ebola.Portable field hospitals provide the rapid deployment, ease

  • CDM Smith 50m3 DIY Biogas Storage

    CDM Smith 50m3 DIY Biogas Storage

    When CDM Smith, the American based global contractor specialising in water, environment and energy contacted us regarding biogas storage we knew it would be an interesting project! With new U.S. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Pre-owned Equipments

    Pre-owned Equipments

    There’s used equipment, and then there’s Solar Turbines authorized pre-owned equipment — selected, inspected and serviced to a higher standard. As the original manufacturer of our turbomachinery, our experts evaluate used, unused, refurbished, and low-hour equipment. This can include power generation packages, gas compressor packages and mobile power units. We only use ...