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Natural Gas equipment for Energy Management

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    Custom Filtration Systems

    HILCO's staff of engineers is always willing to design a system for your particular needs. Call today with your specific application requirements.

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    Hilliard - Hyflow Reclaimers

    Hilliard reclaimers are ideally suited for reclaiming insulating or refrigeration compressor oils or for any application which requires a high degree of purification. Reclaimers restore contaminated oils to a like-new condition. Dirty oil can be purified and re-used to save on oil costs. Simple to operate, easy to maintain, this system extends ...

    By The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division based in Elmira, NEW YORK (USA). from Hyflow Reclaimers Product line

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    Gas Turbines - HRSG

    Co - Oxidation Catalyst / Natural Gas: A high performance oxidation catalyst system and carbon steel housing that can be designed and manufactured to fit all sizes of gas turbines.

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA). from Gas Turbines - HRSG Product line

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    Electricity Peaking Stations

    Electricity peaking stations,  also called peak-lopping plants, are power plants designed to help balance the fluctuating power requirements of the electricity grid. Clarke Energy is able to offer a range of rapid response gas-fuelled power stations. These plants are ideally suited to peaking reserve, power and grid support applications.

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electricity Peaking Stations Product line

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    Industrial Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

    Gas engines based cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), offers a range of potential benefits to industrial applications. Gas engine cogeneration systems can provide significant financial savings on fuel costs used to provide electricity and heat. In some countries the government provides tax benefits to the owner of combined heat and ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Product line

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    EnviThan - Biomethane // Our gas upgrading technology

    Before biogas can be fed into the natural gas grid or used as a fuel, it must first be upgraded to natural gas quality. Our answer to the requirements of the future is therefore EnviThan – our integrated solution from organic waste to the filling station pump!

    By EnviTec Biogas AG based in Lohne, GERMANY.

  • Fire Tube Skotch Steam Boiler

    Fuel: Natural Gas, LNG, DİESEL, Fuel Oil. Capacity: 1 ton/h - 20 ton / h. Mimsan manufactures   liquid and gas fueled three-pass firetube boilers complying with  EN12953 standards.

    By Mimsan Group based in Merkez, TURKEY. from Fire Tube Skotch Steam Boiler Product line

  • Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (LNG)

    Linde Engineering offers natural gas liquefaction plants across the whole capacity range, extending from small to world-scale plants, bundling individually optimised processes with standardised plant modules. Natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in the world today. It is the most readily available hydrocarbon source with the ...

    By Linde AG, Engineering Division based in Pullach, GERMANY. from Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (LNG) Product line

  • Compressor Stations

    In the oil & gas industry you need to focus on getting your product from in the ground to market as quickly and economically as possible. With Innova's new Turnkey Compressor stations, we help you do just that by reducing the cost and time it takes for you to source, design, fabricate, procure, install and commission a compressor station.

    By Innova Global Limited. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Wabash - Mechanical Drive Turbines

    Wabash Power owns and stocks an extensive inventory of surplus diesel, steam, natural gas, duel fuel, and bio fuel turbines from leading manufacturers such as General Electric, Siemens Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, Dresser Rand, Elliott, and Solar Turbines. Our team of engineers and market professionals carefully select only the best equipment ...

    By Wabash Power Equipment Company based in Wheeling, ILLINOIS (USA). from Mechanical Drive Turbines Product line

  • Generac - Bi-Fuel Generators

    Bi-Fuel generators combine the power of diesel fuel with the longevity of natural gas. They meet the NEC and NFPA code requirements for on-site fuel storage while providing the reliability of natural gas flow during a crisis or extreme weather event. Should natural gas not be available, bi-fuel generators can run on diesel fuel alone. By offering ...

    By Generac Power Systems Inc. based in Waukesha, WISCONSIN (USA). from Bi-Fuel Generators Product line

  • Gas Compressor Stations

    Recovered Energy Generation (REG) Solutions for Gas Compressor Stations. Ormat is the only solution provider for energy recovery systems on gas pipeline compressor stations. Our Recovered Energy Generation (REG) units convert waste heat from the exhaust of gas turbine-driven compressors into electricity for sale to local utilities or for ...

    By Ormat Technologies, Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from Gas Compressor Stations Product line

  • Cire Technologies - Gas Fired Indirect Heaters

    Cire Technologies designs and fabricates complete gas fired, indirect heaters for heated process air.  These heaters are used to marry the low cost of heating with natural gas with the requirements of the process to avoid process air contact with a burner.  Typical applications include silicone coating dryers and clean room processes. ...

    By Cire Technologies, Inc. based in Mountain Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Gas Fired Indirect Heaters Product line

  • PSB - Model NG-SV-FM - Single Vessel Natural Gas Dryer

    PSB type NG-SV-FM is an ideal system for drying small volumes of natural gas for stations with intermittent use. Each unit is conservatively sized to remove moisture from gas upstream of the natural gas compressor.The diver is shipped with an initial charge of molecular sieve desiccant. Prior to installing shipping plugs, the bed is blanketed with ...

    By PSB Industries Inc based in Erie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Single Vessel Natural Gas Dryer Product line

  • Waterford - Knockout Drums

    Knockout Drums are used to efficiently remove liquid droplets or mist from relief gas streams.  The knockout drum slows down gases and allow liquids to fallout of the gas stream.  Both horizontal and vertical design are common configuration for knockout drums.  These vessels can commonly be referred to as flare knockout drums, flare ...

    By Waterford Tank & Fabrication, Ltd based in Beverly, OHIO (USA). from Knockout Drums Product line

  • Data Warehouse

    Throughout the day, natural gas pipelines post scheduled receipt and delivery quantities for each meter point on their systems. This data represents natural gas flows and capacities in producing regions, demand areas, storage facilities and all points in between. This data is powerful, with the potential to show natural gas production out of a ...

    By Bentek Energy LLC based in Evergreen, COLORADO (USA). from Data Warehouse Product line

  • Model PG-325 - Pipe Gator

    Pipe Gator has a unique procedure involved in digging up natural gas pipelines for maintenance purposes, this entails digging around transmission pipe lines while still in service. Pipe Gator will effectively clear access all around the pipe and give you the two foot clearance required underneath the pipe so proper maintenance can be achieved.

    By Creighton Rock Drill Ltd based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Charter Plastics - Model 2708 - Yellow - CTS & IPS - Copper Tube Size & Iron Pipe Size Gas Pipe

    Charter PE 2708 (previously PE 2406) CTS & IPS pipe is made from a medium density PE 2708 yellow resin formulation listed in PPI TR4. It provides outstanding performance and is used extensively in natural gas Service and Distribution lines. It is also approved for use in Propane Gas Distribution.

    By Charter Plastics based in Titusville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Copper Tube Size & Iron Pipe Size Gas Pipe Product line

  • Substitution of Natural Gas

    The main and most successful line of activity of PE “Almaz-M” is the provision of services on replacement of natural gas “on a turn-key basis”. To that end on customer’s enterprise the autonomous productive unit is set and brought into operation the Complex on natural gas replacement by means of biofuel burning. We ...

    By Almaz-M based in Poltava, UKRAINE. from Substitution of Natural Gas Product line

  • Power Therm - Gas Combined Heat and Power System

    Power Therm is shentongroup‘s complete combined heat and power station offering. Running on natural gas, Power Therm captures all the waste heat from its engine, and turns it into useful hot water, making it over 85% efficient! The reduction in C02 is significant. Power stations feeding the national grid are only about 35% efficient.

    By Shenton Group based in Andover, UNITED KINGDOM.

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